MN 2022 New Openings Card

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A Guide to the newest additions to Minnesota Culture

This special “Passport Expansion Card” adds all the new makers that have opened during the pandemic – Add to any passport for a complete, up-to-date tour of MN Culture!


💸 Pair this expansion card, featuring MN’s newest openings + any Passport to get the full experience! (Card includes App access as well) 💸



Enjoy over $600+ in Craft Beer & Cocktails

  • 4 Craft Beers from 4 of our newest MN Breweries
  • 3 Craft Cocktails from 3 of our newest MN Distilleries/Restaurants
  • + up to 100 more drinks via app (Our App Activation Card is built in via unique code)

Did you miss anything over the last year?  I think we all did 🙃

But. Have no fear.
Craft Notes is putting out our first “Expansion Card” designed to catch you up on the newest openings.  Enjoy craft beer & cocktails from these dedicated makers, so passionate about what they do, that they opened during the pandemic.


This edition features new openings and will be printed on a card and designed to be an “insert” for our other passports.  We will update images as soon as we have a print proof ready to show.


As with all Craft Notes, we use local, hand-printing and these are currently in production. We will fullfill these as soon as we have them and definitely before Christmas. 

Shipping Policy

MN 2022 Passport Partners includes 7 newly-opened Breweries, Restaurants, and Distilleries, with a complimentary Craft Beer or Cocktail from each.

Breweries / Distilleries / Restaurants

  • Nine Mile Brewing (Bloomington)
  • Elm Creek Brewing (Champlin)
  • Stormking Brewpub & BBQ (Mineapolis)
  • Wooden Ship Brewing (Minneapolis)
  • Earl Giles Distillery (Minneapolis)
  • Mr. Paul’s Supper Club (Edina)
  • O’Shaugenessy Distillery (Minneapolis)

Partners Map

For 2022, we’ve curated a simple theme and story: newly opened Minnesota Crafts-people.

Each year Craft Notes releases a new story and new passport. In 2021 we partnered with the MNCBG to highlight the added efforts of MN Craft Breweries in Health & Safety.  This card is designed to expand on that partnership and feature newly opened (during the pandemic) breweries, restaurants, and distilleries that are making the exceptional.

Our efforts are dedicated to supporting the amazing people that continue to open and make our culture better. NEW places that will need our support to stay open.


Same high quality printing, now in card-form.

This year’s passport is a tri-fold card rather than a full guidebook as with all other volumes, but will still feature original illustrations and art, with links to website for education and reference.

What’s New?

  • Card will be a tri-fold piece and screen-printed in 2-color PMS + Black.
  • High quality, locally-made textured paper with Recycled fibers (50%)
  • Artist designed, with stories linked to website
  • Learn More about the artistic process