About Company

Craft Notes is a rapidly growing startup within the local business space. Our mission is to build community and promote local culture by connecting quality consumers to authentic, creative, culturally significant local businesses.

Current Openings

Local Manager – MN

Your job is part brand manager, part event planner, part content creator, and part social media planner. However, your main job (and qualification) is to know about and promote with passion all of the best local businesses that make your city a phenomenal place to live.

Qualified applicants with all of the listed skills invited to apply

  • Strong, local, personal network (in Service Industry)
  • 2+ years (formal or informal) event planning
  • 4+ years social media management
  • Photography/Videography
  • Writing/blog
  • Able to work remote and deliver set goals while exceeding expectations

To learn more about upcoming positions, please follow us on Instagram @Craft_notes