🍺 = 🌱

Free Drink. Free Tree. $100 Prize.

Help Craft Notes support great local businesses! Each month, we’ll feature a local maker, with a #CraftDrinkforAll (“complimentary reward drink for everyone”). Visit them. Get a drink reward. And we’ll plant a tree in your name!

craft notes monthly drink specials

How it Works (Each Month):

Each Reward Drink Claimed = 1 Tree Planted

  1. 🀝 Each month, visit the featured local venue
  2. 🍺 Support Local. Be Rewarded (#craftdrinkforall – A monthly reward for everyone with the app, no Reward Plan required)
  3. 🌱 We’ll plant 1 tree for every Drink Reward redeemed!

    — Claim a $100 Monthly Prize —
  4. 🀳 Encourage your friends to plant a tree! Add a photo from your visit to your social media (#craftnotesplantstrees tagging @craft_notes and @theVenue) and you’ll be entered to win a monthly prize.

(You can redeem/post any time during the featured month for the tree and chance at the month’s prize. You can also enter by joining us during the month’s happy hour, the 4th Wednesday of each month). Each person can help us plant up to 12 trees a year so please tell your friends!

Currently, the Craft Notes community has planted…

0 Trees!
April, 2022

Remember. All you have to do is visit month’s venue feature and claim a free reward drink!

Tell your friends and they’ll get trees too!

Wondering which venue is featured this month? Simply get our mobile app, the closest featured venue will be featured at the top of our curated list, or check out your community blog above.

Why are you doing this contest?

❀️ We spend a lot of time curating our app to include a list of the exceptional. This program is a great way to not only encourage a new adventure each month, but to do so while also making an impact.

🌱 🍺 🀝

Craft Notes mission is one of sustainability and inclusivity.

  1. Sustainability: Cut costs and help the environment; we want you to support businesses that get it, and encourage others to follow suit.
  2. Inclusivity: We want to see local culture and community grow by making high-quality, delicious, locally-made products accessible and available to everyone

More Trees = Better Forests. Better Forests = Cleaner Water. Cleaner Water = Better Beer/Cocktails.

craft beer is made from fresh water

How you can help ( & FAQ)

How do I get Craft Notes plant a tree in my name?

Using our app, claim a “reward drink” at the month’s featured venue; the one found at the top of the app and tagged #CraftDrinksforall

Here is an example. You can see Bent Paddle (changes monthly) is tagged and at top of search results. Go here, Redeem drink in app. We’ll plant a tree.

So, does it cost me money?

NO. Again,

The Drink = Free. Get it from our app!

The Tree = Free. We pay for it as part of our mission.

The $100 Prize = Free to 1 person that shares a photo from their visit.

How can I win the $100 prize?

Using our app, claim a “reward drink” at the month’s featured venue; the one found at the top of the app and tagged #CraftDrinksforall

How many trees/drink rewards can I use per month?

There is ONE featured venue per community per month. This is available to everyone, regardless of reward plan. When you claim it, you also plant ONE tree.

If you’d like to explore more and claim even more drinks, purchase a reward plan in the app. For the cost of ~2 drinks per month you get 3 per day!

So how can I plant more trees?


Every single person that visits and claims a drink at the featured venue = One Tree planed.

So tell your friends! Tell the people you meet at the bar. Or even better, SHARE your experience on Social Media. Not only will you encourage your friends to go check it out, but you’ll be entered to with the month’s $100 drawing.

Do I need an App Reward Plan to claim the drink?

NO! Each month, we feature a new venue. This drink reward (and your tree) is unlocked and available to anyone with our app.

We want to make craft accessible to everyone. Our app is completely free to use for discovery. If you find yourself going out 2X or more per month, you should consider a “Reward Plan” which will allow you to unlock 3 drinks per DAY for the cost of ~ 2 per month.

Do I need the App to claim a Drink Reward?

YES. While the #craftdrinksforall reward is available to everyone for free, you still need the app to claim it! This is also how we track the number of people every month and know how many trees to plant!

How do I know which local venue to support to get my tree?

We will notify you, but you can also search it on the app.

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Reforestation Explained.
It’s important to fully understand the intricacies of how our system works. For example: Does planting a tree allow companies to just take down old-growth? While reforestation is important and valuable, it is actually better to consume less and help preserve existing trees and forests.

We currently use One Tree Planted to facilitate this program, however, we are constantly watching them, and others, to ensure that we are actually making a real impact in the right way.

If you are interested, be sure to read the following articles and keep this in the back of your mind whenever you ‘trust’ a corporation.

Planting trees can be good, or bad, depending…

It’s actually BEST to protect old-growth (Research, Tufts).

🍹 + 🌲 + πŸ’° = πŸ†“