By ordering from our site, you understand that Craft Notes will do whatever it can to rapidly fulfill your order. The fastest we can get you your passports is 2-3 business days. Need it faster? Please contact us or buy from a local retailer.

We guarantee order delivery. If you have issues with an order please read through to bottom of this page.

Wondering when your passport order arrive?

In order to keep your shipping costs low and service you better we try to follow a strict shipping policy. We guarantee processing by the below listed tables, however, please allow 2-10 days for passports to be delivered.

When should I expect my Drink passport?

Depends on the date you purchased your passport and location.
1) Email 1: ORDER CONFIRMATION: Date your order is completed and being worked on.
2) Email 2: ORDER COMPLETED: Date your order is packaged and ready to go.
3) Did you get that 2nd email? Order will be delivered to post office either that day or the following if already closed (ie. you get email at 7pm, it will be at USPS the next day).
4) Once at the post office, standard delivery ~2-7 business days, so please plan accordingly.

Passport Processing-Handling & Shipping Table

Please Note: We are a super small, local company and we are sending your packages by hand. We will handle, process, and package your passports, then drop them to the USPS according to the table below. Any additional delays caused by post office.

Date of PurchaseDay we will process your order
**We ship USPS out of Minneosta. Standard delivery to Minnesota addresses is 2-3 days after handling, other states require additional time as required by USPS.
Dec. 26 – Jan 27Orders sent on Friday after your order (order before Friday at noon)
Jan 27 – Feb 14Great Valentines Gifts! We’ll process Next Business Day, allow for standard delivery times.
Feb 15 – Nov 1Orders sent on Friday after your order
Nov 1 – Dec 5Orders sent Wednesdays & Fridays
Dec 6 – Dec 25Happy Holidays! We ship next business day and will do what we can for your to get your packages. Please allow 2-7 days for delivery
24-hour Handling ship option If you chose the 24-hour handling option, we will process your order and deliver to the post office within 24 hours. Please still allow 2-3 days for shipping from the USPS.
There MAY be slight variations of the time table as we ship via US POST (ie. A Friday package may not actually be processed by the Post Office until the next day).


I ordered multiple books, but only received 1 passport?

They are coming.
Our goal is to keep shipping costs low for you. To do so, we ship our passports in single packages (unless large order).
Look on the back of what you received. If you see a “1/2” or “2/2” it means that 1 of your packages has arrived, but the rest are on the way. If you’d like them to be shipped together please choose the “next day processing” option and we’d be happy to do it!

I Pre-ordered an upcoming volume and I got an email that said it was shipped, but I don’t have it.

If you pre-ordered an upcoming volume, you might have gotten the order fulfilled email. This means that your order is in the queue and it will be shipped the first day we have our new books!

I’m purchasing a gift, Can I get a gift tag?

Use the order notes!
If you’re purchasing a passport as a gift, please include that in your order and we’ll include a gift tag which explains your gift and lists your/their names.

I need MY Passports NOW! Can you ship quicker?

Need it quicker? We’re bound to the confines of the US Postal Service, however, we can process your order faster. Please choose “Next Day Processing” on your order (note: this is standard for holiday orders Dec 6 – 25).

Can I buy a Passport from a store or brewery?

You can avoid shipping costs and get your books today! You just have to visit one of the breweries, distilleries, or retail partners that are carrying our Passports. The following places carry limited Craft Notes Passports volumes (usually just our Coffee Passport, most recent craft drinks volume, or volume where they are featured. Please call them before you drive there!) to pick them up locally.

Note: If you need a specific Drink Passport volume we suggest ordering from our shop, ordering “Next Day Processing”, and/or contacting us via Facebook or Instagram.

I still haven’t received my order.

Did you wait at least 15 days after receiving the “Email 2: Order Complete…” email??
If No, please keep an eye on the mail! USPS is usually reliable, but it can be slow.
If Yes, it sucks for everyone if this happens, and while it rarely does, we’re sorry it happened to you. We will wait 15 days from the ship date (date of the 2nd email) to see if it arrives slowly or gets returned to us. Contact us.

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