Wondering when your package will arrive? In order to keep your shipping costs low and service you better we try to follow a strict shipping policy.

Passport Shipping Table

Please Note: We are a super small, local company and we are sending your packages by hand. There MAY be slight variations of the time table and we ship via USPOST (ie. A Friday package may not actually be processed by the Post Office until the next day).

Date of PurchaseDay we will ship
Dec. 26 – Feb 7Orders sent on Friday after your order
Feb 7 – Feb 14Great Valentines Gifts! We’ll send Next Business Day
Feb 15 – Nov 1Orders sent on Friday after your order
Nov 1 – Dec 5Orders sent Wednesdays & Fridays
Dec 6 – Dec 25Happy Holidays! We ship next business day and will do what we can for your to get your packages

I ordered multiple books, where are the rest?

They are coming.
Our goal is to keep shipping costs low for you. To do so, we ship our passports in single packages (unless large order).
Look on the back of what you received. If you see a “1/2” or “2/2” it means that 1 of your packages has arrived, but the rest are on the way. If you’d like them to be shipped together please choose the “next day processing” option and we’d be happy to do it!

I need MY Passports Now!

Need it quicker? We’re bound to the confines of the US Postal Service, however, we can process your order faster. Please choose “Next Day Processing” on your order (note: this is standard for holiday orders Dec 6 – 25).

Can I buy a Passport from a store or brewery?


You can avoid shipping costs and get your books today! You just have to visit one of the breweries, distilleries, or retail partners that are carrying our Passports. The following places carry limited Craft Notes Passports volumes (usually just our Coffee Passport, most recent craft drinks volume, or volume where they are featured. Please call them before you drive there!) to pick them up locally.

If you need a specific Drink Passport volume we suggest ordering from our shop, ordering “Next Day Processing”, and/or contacting us via Facebook or Instagram.

I’m purchasing a gift

If you’re purchasing a passport as a gift, please include that in your order and we’ll include a gift tag which explains your gift and lists your/their names.

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