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Craft Notes Program is a targeted advertising platform designed to offer industry-disrupting ROI. Designed to bring craft beer lovers, breweries, restaurants, and local makers together. Our mission is support the most authentic, highest quality venues.

We do exceptional work for our drink-partners, but have limited bandwidth. If you’re playing an important role in local culture, we are accepting limited applications for drink partners in new and established markets.

Please note, to qualify:
1) Locally-owned/making own products
2) Have a similar mission to Craft Notes (community & environment)
3) We limit our service to the Top 100 local makers.
4) We offer PROVEN results to our partners for FREE.

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Matthew Dowgwillo, Founder
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I started Craft Notes to help businesses that I love, and I love knowing everyone and I want to be on first-name basis with you. Let’s see if we can help you.