Congrats! You scored an App Activation Card**!

App-Activation Card grants access to a 45-day trial Membership of our popular Craft Notes Mobile App. For the next 45 days (from date entered) you’ll be able to DOUBLE UP ON A GOOD TIME and enjoy all Craft Notes Member perks, like 2-for-1 drinks at a curated list of exceptional local craftsmen. Every single place is phenomenal, so you’ll always have a great time (and 2-for-1 drinks).

**45-day trial Craft Notes Membership absolutely free with Activation Card. This card also unlocks special membership pricing; keep it, and you’ll receive a special discount if you choose to keep your membership after trial has expired!

To activate your book:

  1. Download the app.
  2. Create a profile
  3. Choose “manage membership” and select “have a code?
  4. Choose BOOK ACTIVATION CODE and enter your code.
  5. Enjoy a drink a day! Tip your server and renew at the end of the trial for less than the cost of 2 drinks per month.



*If you received a card with a Passport purchase, the book is good immediately, your 45-day trial starts after activation. (On profile page, you should now show “active” membership)


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Activation Code FAQ

Do I need a credit card to use an Activation Code?
YES. We use a 3rd party service called Braintree (paypal) to manage subscriptions. You must have a user-ID with them for us to provide member benefits, however, YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED for 45 days.

Ok, but won’t I be charged if I enter a card?
NO. You will not be charged until the “membership renewal” date listed on your profile page. At that time, you will be charged the pre-set price and you will unlock the additional membership time on the app. See more.

How do I know when my Trial expires and billing will start?
On your profile page you should see when your account is active through. The date listed is the date that you will be charged. Trial starts day 1 – day 45. Payment starts day 46.

Can I cancel before I’m charged?
YES. Of course you can! Our pricing is designed around 2 drinks per month. If you don’t think you’ll get enough out of it, please just cancel through the profile page at any time. Go to PROFILE >> UPDATE MEMBERSHIP >> CANCEL

What does the Activation card unlock for me?
Valid codes unlock 45 day trial to FULL membership benefits, including complimentary drinks, event access, and any other benefits provided to members during the trial.

Can I share my code?
Codes are unique and will work exactly 1 time.

I have multiple codes, do I get multiple free memberships?
YES. Each code is good for 45 days. So if you have an extra code you can either share it with a friend or keep it for yourself. If you want to keep it for yourself, wait until your membership is about to renew, then cancel your membership. You can start a new membership with a new code to re-access the “trial” period and special pricing offered through the Activation Code.