Each Passport is a mixed-media book done in collaboration with multiple local artists, writers, and photographers.

What makes our Passports the best?

Craft Notes includes only the absolute best places, and each passport tells a story.

Gorgeous designs.

Kaite P – Fan.


Alot of care was put into making the highest quality, durable, engaging book we could.  Printed on high-quality, durable, and sustainable materials, each book is designed to be both informative and offer you the best experience.

  • Craft Notes passports are a mixed-media project; graphic design, illustration, and photography
  • Each passport is a 2-color screen print done in collaboration by local artists led by Keith Williams. 
  • All photos are taken by Craft Notes photographers
  • The Cover Stock is heavy-weight, 100lb, textured cover made of 50% recycled fibers from the Midwest*
  • Interior pages are printed on 80% recycled paper
  • Read more about Craft Notes’ commitment to the environment.

*most passports. We try to find quality, recycled paper and will update if we find a better local product.