We are committed to ensuring you get what you pay for.  We work hard to ensure you get value from our program, and are introduced to great new places.

Book & Merchandise Returns.

No Refunds. All sales are final.
(is our policy, however, we’re not dicks and pride ourselves on customer service).

If you fail to receive merchandise from shipping, we will reship same item if available.  If not available, you may option for full refund or exchange of goods for same value.

If you have problems with a shipment, you must contact us within 30 days of your order.  Failure to inform us of not receiving a shipment within 30 days will be reshipped on a case by case basis at our option. We ask that you wait 10 days from the ship date as described in our shipping policy.

Partially used or damaged merchandise will not be available for any refund or exchange.

Shipping costs are non-refundable. In order to keep shipping costs low, we ship via basic US Post. By ordering through our site, and selecting standard shipping, you are electing to NOT receive tracking information, and as such, are accepting liability and full payment for lost packages. – That said, again, we’re not dicks and we will typically guarantee lost packages and reship them for you if you contact us and make the request.

Guaranteed shipping and tracking available when choosing “expedited” shipping.

*No refunds on the retail prices of any merchandise sent will be refunded.  Any refunds granted will be partial, minus any merchandise sent.

Mobile Application Subscriptions

Mobile app subscriptions are billed monthly, semi-annually, and annually. Each come with various benefits and discounts, including merchandise, and are billed recurring on their term for the product ordered.

By subscribing to our mobile app you agree to all reoccurring payments on the terms agreed to when you signed up. Again, we’re not dicks, and exceptions can be made if we are immediately notified of an unexpected charge, however, any refunds will be made at our option and are on a case-by-case basis.

See full terms for recurring billing here.