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Onboarding Checklist: The Best Practices for all Partners

Proven methods to get the most out of Craft Notes promotion.

Each task can be done in 2-5 minutes. Complete all steps for max benefit.

Step 1) Educate your staff so we can make a great experience!

Make sure staff know about the program, how to redeem, and how to maximize a visit; we work together to make a raving fan!

2 Best options to do this are:

  1. Print a 1-sheet and put by timeclock, lockers, or other staff-eye-catching location. (Get the forms) AND/OR…
  2. Send staff-group an email. (copy paste form)
Step 2) Add to your POS so you can track value!

We WANT you to know how much money you will make with Craft Notes.

  1. Set up “CRAFT NOTES” in system for discount
  2. Have it comp 1 drink on the tab
  3. Have staff apply it; then generate a report any time to see the overspends!

(more details)

Step 3) Add staff to engage in promotions (AKA make your life easier:)

Add Events/Marketing or management staff to our email list. This will add them to our email list for all Craft Notes partners.



If you’re looking to add revenue, supporting our program through selling retail is a simple way to do it!

Sold like traditional merch items, and with a tiny shelf footprint, Craft Notes Passports are a profitable and easy way to increase ticket size for all venue-visitors.

Learn More / Get Training >

(Craft Notes also offers custom wood displays and updated, printable signage, or you can make your own.)

craft notes passport display
Step 5) Make yourself look awesome! Upload Assets!

We want to make you look awesome. Good marketing and design is crucial for us to make you look good.

If you have professional photos not yet given, please:
Upload Assets >

(Note: If you NEED photos, lets schedule you a photographer, this is so critical for your business and we can help!)

Optional Promotional Support & Other Services

All Drink Partners can take part in promotions to further support our goal: New Faces, Loyal Fans, Stronger Local Culture.

What type of content will you share/do you need?
  1. EVENTS – We’re able to support bigger annual events; think block parties, anniversary parties, or other larger events that are extra-special.
  2. “Good for the Community” – We will use our social media to tell the story of our partners and all the good they contribute to their community. Ultimately the goal is to build loyalty and understanding behind the value of “supporting local”
Why are you doing this for free and what is included?

We truly want to support you.

Our belief is that we all do better when we all do better.

Our Community of craft lovers has told us they want to know about events. They want to know about the ‘good’ you do for the community. And so we’re using our social media and newsletter to broadcast it!

NEWSLETTER: 20,000 and growing: 7,000 weekly readers!

SOCIAL MEDIA: 8,000 and growing.

Opt 1) Press Feature Article: “Makerview”

Featured Partners often see immediate increase in traffic and long-term trickles of customers.

We write a story about you. You get press, promotion, an SEO boost, and have some cool “press” to link to.

These are done first come, first served. Fill out Interview Form to get the process moving!

Learn More >


Opt 2) Build SM Followers through co-sponsored Contest

We donate a passport, you run a contest on Social Media. We all promote it Goal is more followers and engagement for all!

Learn More >

Opt 3) Craft Notes HOSTS a Happy Hour for you

We’ll produce a small, educational event that allows you to connect with new, highly engaged customers. We’ll create the event, we all work to promote it. Craft Notes Happy Hours typically happen the 4th Wednesday of each month, but we are flexible.

Learn More >

Opt 4) Help Promote Your Events

We’ll help you promote YOUR events, sell more tickets/get more bodies at the event by leveraging a huge local following and our influencer/media partnerships.

We offer Promotional sponsorships for free to all local partners. “Payment” is typically done in ‘trade’ by adding us to any promotions and/or providing space at the event.

(We can also support event photography and add to event with door prizes, support teams, etc)

Learn More >

Opt 5) Get Craft Notes Image Assets (our images free to use to support promotions)

Logos, Retail Signage, and other Craft Notes assets may be used in promotions or marketing you might do.

Get Craft Notes Assets >

How else/what other services does Craft Notes offer to support drink-partners?

Professional Product or Event Photography/Video

Our goal is to give you trustworthy, high-quality marketing assets for your business. We make an easy and dependable way for you to get much-needed marketing assets.

Event, Venue, Product, Food/Drink photography and video is a professional service what we may be able to support you with.

We contract with proven professionals and offer a huge discount for Drink-Partners, including monthly plans and full image rights.

Learn More >
(not available in all markets)

On/Off Premise Support

Need support with local penetration? We have connections and programs worked out with high-volume accounts and can support some liquor store promotions or a few new tap lines around town.

Industry and/or Technical Consulting Services

Our main projects have revolved around CRM setup, sales training, EOS, Advertising Services… Craft Notes can be contracted to support a host of needs as we are connected to the NBWA and many high-volume on/off premise accounts.

Getting a Sales Team up and running?

Need help with a website or marketng?

Or maybe you need support finding national distribution?