Help Craft Notes achieve our industry mission of bringing more people into the craft world and make pure profit!

We’ve designed a special no-risk, no-investment retail program for all venue-Partners of Craft Notes; feel free to take advantage 🥰

This page will help you take advantage of special partner consignment terms and pricing as well as proven tips for how to maximize those sales.

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“Sell like your standard merch (but with better margins, no up-front cost, and smaller bar-top display) — and you’re never stuck with too many extra random xtra-small t-shirts!”

Matt Dowgwillo, Founder

Special Pricing & Terms for Venue-Partners


Special pricing options for partners maximize revenue by retailing Craft Notes. All partners get 50% off the retail pricing — meaning 100% markup!


All partners will receive a free, custom, wood display. It just looks cool:)

It’s designed to sit near your cash register or display nice on a retail wall. It only takes up less than 6″x6″ — meaning you have big profits with a tiny item-footprint.


Pay for what you sell, return the rest. We know you’ll sell them all, but on the off-chance you don’t, we’ll accept returns on any consignment, so just return what you don’t sell along with payment for what did (and profited on) – As I said: Craft Notes is the best program you will ever do. We want you to profit and we’ll never leave you with unsold merchandise.

(order consignment below)

2 Payment Options: Choose what’s best for you

COD: Pay now with a Credit Card

Online Wholesale shop is setup for your convenience to easily place an order with credit card. Use code PARTNERZ to get the special partner discount

– It immediately becomes your inventory and is paid for
– Use a credit card and add points
– It helps Craft Notes (and we really appreciate it)

When on the wholesale site, you will see pricing listed in sets of 10 passports, listed at “full retail”. Please use the PARTNERZ code to take 49% off the retail price (100% markup) — great margins for you! We’ll include a display if this is your first order.

CONSIGNMENT: Sell Now, Pay Later

Only partners can take advantage of consignment. Payment “Due” date is flexible. And we will accept returns.

How does it work?
1) Fill out an order and credit form.

2) Order what you think you can sell. We’ll deliver ASAP along with a small, custom display for your bar top.

3) Sell them as able. You are never left with unsold inventory. Pay only for what you sold and return the rest.

4) Flexible “Due Date” – we’ll send occasional invoices for full balance, but you pay in installments…

– PURE PROFIT. Only pay for what you made money on
– Pay later, return anything unsold

We’ll submit an invoice with your order, but you don’t have to pay it now, this is just for our purposes to track your order and payments. Pay monthly or whenever you want. Payment is considered “complete” when you pay in full/reorder or when you pay in partial and return unsold.

Have questions or need help with an order? Call us.
Matt DowgwilloConnor WilsonJack Sussman
(612) 803-1022
(952) 807-8596

NOTE: These sell especially well during holidays! Make sure to stock up and try to feature them as able during those times for maximum profit.

Tips to maximize sales

Of course, we’d love to hear what’s working with you, but here are some tips from other partners about how to maximize sales and revenue.

At your Venue

  1. Run a Promotion on your receipt. This is great because it is a great up-sell AND it guarantees that person will return; Multiple visits is a great way to make them a regular!
  1. Place on the counter by register. This ensures people see them and offers a great upsell.
  1. Educate your staff. It gives them something to engage customers with and it lets them know you support the guild.
  1. Add button to POS. Whenever you give a discount, you should try to track party size, spend, etc. for Craft Notes customers. We estimate you should see ~$14/beer. It’s also a great time to up-sell to friends that aren’t holding a book.
  1. Package with other shop items. Don’t just sell a $25 passport OR a $15 growler, Sell both by offering them a beer right now or some other low-cost incentive that adds revenue and seems like an unbeatable offer.

Online/Social Media

  1. Add Passports to your Online Store. This is great because it is a great upsell AND it guarantees that person will return; Multiple visits is a great way to make them a regular! (Copy & Pastable Assets make this easy to set up)
  1. Package with other shop items. Don’t just sell a $25 passport OR a $15 T-shirt, Sell both by offering them free shipping or a free beer when they pick it up on-site.
  1. Run a plug on Social Media. Make sure to tag us (@craft_notes) and we’ll repost it too to help you profit even more!

Don’t hesitate to reach out with ideas or questions

Have questions about why it’s such a great product? View our general Retail Pitch to learn more, but remember, you get the better pricing as a participant!


Matt DowgwilloConnor WilsonJack Sussman
(612) 803-1022
(952) 807-8596