Get the most out of the Craft Notes program AND TRACK THE RESULTS!

We’ll be doing our job, targeting good customers, broadcasting your accolades, and helping people find you. We’ll even leverage our platform and contact after that visit to drive them back to you.
But we need your help to make them hardcore fans…

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Take 5 minutes to follow the "setup-best-practices" steps below.
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  1. Educate Staff (email or print files below)
  2. Set up POS (track value)
  3. Add Team Members (we'll connect to right people)

1st: Educate staff…

Happy customers = repeat customers. We’ve customized our program to be SUPER EASY for your team to reap maximum reward. But it all starts with staff that understand the benefits of this program and what to do.

Basic #1 Craft Notes Rule your team should know:

This program is designed to bring you customers, build your brand, and make money, by working within your “sunk” costs. Each customer that comes in is an opportunity to turn them into a raving fan.

When a customer learns about, shares on social media, comes in to try you, and then spends money on your products (on or off premise) or in your establishment, they are supporting you. You are rewarding them with a drink, and inviting them to be part of what you do.



Educating staff is KEY to making sure you can track the program success and ultimately achieve our main goal: Long-term, regular customers for your business.

1) Post to your Slack or Team Newsletter (you can also share this with your GM or other person in charge of contacting staff)

2) Copy and Paste Note Below (optionally edit)


Dear Team,

We’ve just signed up for Craft Notes. The ultimate goal of this program is to help us get new customers and turn them into regulars, so I’d appreciate your support in that effort. All customer-facing staff must know this and follow protocol.

Don’t worry, it’s super easy for you to manage and I’ve even already set it up in the “Discounts” in the POS. I’ll be posting signs up at the bar too.

Craft Notes is a targeted program designed to help us stand out, tell our story, and get new customers. The gist is, we are rewarding customers with a valid passport or mobile app with a complimentary drink AFTER they make a purchase. The generic setup is a basic 2-for-1, but the “reward” is for “supporting us” – so a merch or other purchase can work too.

Here are the following rules when someone comes in:

  • 1 offer per person per visit (ie. I cannot use App and then use my passport. It’s an ‘either:or’ scenario)
  • Consumers must hold a passport/app. They cannot share (1 valid offer or App credit per person)
  • App/Book will list agreed item to redeem. In most cases, it’s “Any Tap Beer or Any House Cocktail”
    – However, you CAN limit this in the moment if you have something very rare or expensive to make, this is up to you (“Sorry, not on our super triple barrel aged beer, but let me buy you our flagship ___”)
  • Most customers will show you when the tab comes, please just use the POS Discount button for “CRAFT NOTES”, which will remove 1 drink off their tab.
  • Again, customers must make any purchase first and we’ll need our team to regulate this properly.
  • MAKE THEM REGULARS! I know you always do a great job of explaining our products, so keep that up if people ask. Also, if people have the Craft Notes App, there is a feature to make it easy for them to follow us on social media after their tab comes, if easy, please encourage them to do so!

If you have other questions about the program please check out the site: — We will have a few passports to do as a give-a-way or staff can grab them for 50% off on that site with code: STAFF50


PS. See Instructions:
APP: (Look for date stamp and animation!)
PASSPORT: (stamp or sign it off!)

Opt 2) PRINT-READY INSTRUCTIONS (Print & place signs where staff will see them)


⬆️ Lo-res preview. Click button for print ready ⬆️

Craft Notes passport staff instructions

2nd: How-To Track ROI!

Craft Notes makes you a lot of money. Let us show you.

2) Set up your POS so you can track performance – ADD IN POS NOW!

We truly believe nothing can come close to the ROI of Craft Notes. Garunteed customers delivered to you during times you’re already open to drink up excess inventory…

Our “average Craft Notes Visit” often includes groups of 2-4, where 25%-75% typically hold a passport, and all of them will be spending money.

While we can’t count other on/off-premise sales, social buzz, or other indirect benefits, setting up our POS to track immediate sales is super easy.

  1. Set up “CRAFT NOTES” in system for discount
  2. Have it comp 1 drink on the tab
  3. Have staff apply it; then generate a report any time to see the overspends!

3rd: Add Work-Contacts. We’ll contact your people

Craft Notes will include you in on/off premise promotions and sponsor your events and also coordinate program updates with your team rather than bugging you:)


Did you complete the 3 steps above!?! Great. You’re done. If you have 1 more minute read “Best Practices”

Best Practices

Our #1 goal is to help you get good customers. And keep them.

Here is a list of some of our tried-and-true best practices. If you follow these rules you will make a long list of new regulars and your business will succeed on the long-term.

1) Track direct sales in your POS

Easy! Just create a promo button in your POS. Track table size, etc. as you normally would, but now just take 1 drink off with your button and track it back.

2) Make them a regular

We get them in the doors. You make them a regular. Our tools are setup and geared to encourage this, but here are some things your staff can do too.

  1. Encourage them to follow you on socials (can be done directly in the Craft Notes mobile app)
  2. Engage about products!
    One of the best things about CN is our fans; they are interested in you. Help tell that story and get them excited about you.
3) Get them to follow you!

If time allows, encourage staff to engage with more about your brand. Have them talk about what you do and encourage them to come back or follow you. (Note: The app will do this for you!)

Next steps to additional revenue and promotion

We’ve created a simple partner-onboarding program. Each link takes ~5 minutes to complete and helps you get the most out of the program.

1) MORE FOLLOWERS: Promote a Contest

Craft Notes will provide 2 free passports to be used for a giveaway to help you gain new followers. Learn More..>

2) FREE PRESS: Schedule a “Makerview” Promotion

Our goal is to make your story more personal and connect with new customers. Learn More and schedule your feature..>

3) MORE PROFITS: Feature Craft Notes Passports as “Merch” in your store

Earn extra revenue by hosting retail. All included partners get better-than-wholesale pricing, plus consignment system.

In your Merch Store/On the Bar
Custom made wood displays, great margins make our passports a quick and easy upsell for additional profits.

Your Online Store
Add them to your online store. We’ll provide all the assets to make it easy.

More Details for staff

Jump to detailed instructions: MOBILE APP / PASSPORT BOOK

Mobile App Instructions for Staff

  • When customers are redeeming we will clearly list the DAY & TIME STAMPED
    -confirm date/time matches.
    – Also, there is Glasses Clinking animation.

Craft Notes app is designed to set rules designed to discourage bar-hopping (limits to # per day) and build regulars (come back monthly) while not taking from regulars (cannot redeem more than 1 offer per venue per month).

Craft Notes passport staff instructions

Passport stamp instructions for staff

Staff will want to sign, stamp, or “X” out their passport (we recommend adding date for the consumer) in the stamp area. It’s a 1-time use so don’t forget to mark it!

Need a stamp? Let us know: [matt AT craft notes DOT] net 612-803-1022