Basic #1 Craft Notes Rule

This program is designed to bring you customers, build your brand, and make money, by working within your “sunk” costs.

The premise is: Reward a customer for supporting you and trying you out by buying them a drink — you are expected to be cool, not give them the house. They’ve been instructed to respect that.

Treat people like regulars and they will be back, but also know that THEY have been instructed by us to respect the program, and it’s up to you to make sure that people feel treated well; we’re in this together.

Staff instructions for redeeming Craft Notes passports.

We’ve tried to make redemption for your staff super easy and fast, while pertaining to the “rules” we set for consumers! Please share this with staff.

  1. Email this page to all staff!
  2. Download printable instructions and post near time sheets or behind the bar

General Craft Notes Rules

  • 1 offer per person per visit (ie. I cannot use App and then use my passport. It’s an ‘either:or’ scenario)
  • Consumers must hold a passport/app. They cannot share (1 offer per book per person)
  • App/Book will list agreed item to redeem. In most cases, it’s “Any Tap Beer or Any House Cocktail”
    – However, you CAN limit this in the moment if you have something very rare or expensive to make, this is up to you (“Sorry, not on our super triple barrel aged beer, but let me buy you our flagship ___”)

Jump to detailed instructions: MOBILE APP / PASSPORT BOOK (and Tips for Best Practice)

Mobile App Redemption instructions for staff



  • When customers are redeeming we will clearly list the DAY & TIME STAMPED
    -confirm date/time matches.
    – Also, there is Glasses Clinking animation.

Craft Notes app is designed to set rules designed to discourage bar-hopping (limits to # per day) and build regulars (come back monthly) while not taking from regulars (cannot redeem more than 1 offer per venue per month).

Craft Notes passport staff instructions

Passport stamp instructions for staff

Staff will want to sign, stamp, or “X” out their passport (we recommend adding date for the consumer) in the stamp area. It’s a 1-time use so don’t forget to mark it!

Need a stamp? Let us know: [matt AT craft notes DOT] net 612-803-1022

Get the most out of your offer…

Remember, this is a PARTNERSHIP.

Our #1 goal is to help you get good customers. And keep them.

Here is a list of some of our tried-and-true best practices. If you follow these rules you will make a long list of new regulars and your business will succeed on the long-term.

Track direct sales in your POS

Easy! Just create a promo button in your POS. Track table size, etc. as you normally would, but now just take 1 drink off with your button and track it back.

Ask your rep about enhanced plans where we support this and pay you for your staff for their input.

Make them a regular

We get them in the doors. You make them a regular. Our tools are setup and geared to encourage this, but here are some things your staff can do too.

  1. Encourage them to follow you on socials (can be done directly in the Craft Notes mobile app)
  2. Engage about products!
    One of the best things about CN is our fans; they are interested in you. Help tell that story and get them excited about you.
Get them to follow you!

If time allows, encourage staff to engage with more about your brand. Have them talk about what you do and encourage them to come back or follow you. (Note: The app will do this for you!)