1.  Feature Press Article "Makerview": Promoted to over 80,000 & Boosts your SEO
2.  Contest: Free passports to give away/increase your followers
3.  Event: End-of-month happy hour to boost sales and party!
On/Off-premise Collab: Tap lines, menu features, and liquor store demos (not available in all markets)

New Faces, Loyal Fans.

Below initiatives designed to capture new customers and turn them into raving fans. All are free for Craft Notes Partners, prioritized based on schedule and exclusivity with our program.

A little knowledge adds alot of flavor. Your “featured month” is dedicated to really introducing who you are; your passion, skill, and commitment to your community.

By combining several avenues, we allow consumers to connect more deeply with you across multiple points of sale, with the ultimate goal of creating hard-core fans.

– Matt D., Founder

“Makerview” mini-interviews are short and to the point. Brevity is key. 3 simple questions designed to personalize your brand.


Goals of this Series

Introduce you to great people

Be inspired. Be part of a community! Craft Notes is really about passion, fun, and doing what you love. We hope by meeting some of the most creative people in your community you’ll not only join us in supporting them, but be inspired to tackle your own creative endeavors.

Build Appreciation

I enjoy craft drinks. Understanding where a product comes from, how it’s made, or knowing the people behind it makes everything better. Especially when it’s local.

Know a little more, Share with friends

Knowing stuff is fun (especially when your friends are impressed with your knowledge:). We try to give you fun, simple, quick stories about the people we feature because it’s fun to get to know them and helps build connections within our community.

This is your opportunity to personalize your brand and give a shout-out to the local businesses you love. Award-winners, trend-setters, do-gooders, and friendly, all-around good people:)

Each month, we feature a local craftsmen to tell their story, stay on the forefront of upcoming local trends. This is promoted on all fronts and gains a ton of added exposure for your business and boost your website’s SEO. The Craft Notes-Media Partner-Influencer network is 80,000 people strong and growing and our goal is to introduce them all to you.

Our “miniviews” with Local Makers Our are specifically designed to be quick, engaging, enriching information that will help you form a personal connection to local businesses and provide incredible recommendations..

View Examples

Professional Photo Services

LOGISTICS / WHAT TO EXPECT (Process explained)
  1. You fill out Interview form.
  2. You Upload Images. If you don’t have good photos, this is a service we provide (Pro Photo Services)
  3. We connect to hone that article. We may do this over the phone or in person.
  4. We’ll try to feature you during a time that could support (make sure to talk dates of releases, anniversaries, etc; anytime a little more press would help)
  5. We’ll write it up and do our best to make it work for your timing
  6. We’ll Promote and let your social team know so you can support it
  7. You’ll be able to link the article on your site any time

  8. Article will stay on our site and always be there for you!
  9. More Customers: Featured customers see an uptick in business the month you are featured

Mutually-promoted contest to boost Your SM Followers

How it works:

  1. We’ll donate a passport and provide professional assets if needed. You add to the prize with something in extra inventory
  2. You get new followers! We both post the contest and promote to followers. Can be done multiple times in the month.
  3. We release the prize at end of month (we can fulfill by mail or better, have them pick up at your venue)
COPY & PASTE: Easy Verbiage you can use/tweek
  1. Take a picture in your tap room.
  2. Copy & paste text (tweek as needed)
  3. Organize pickup in taproom (if hosting retail, we’ll comp one) or collect winner info and we’ll mail it to them for you.

šŸŒŸ Gā‰‹Iā‰‹Vā‰‹Eā‰‹Aā‰‹Wā‰‹Aā‰‹YĀ šŸŒŸ
šŸ“™ + šŸ“± Craft Notes Drink Passport – Featuring yours truly!

We’re excited to be selected for this year’s theme <enter theme>

To Win:

1. LIKE – Give this photo a quick double-tap ā¤ļø
2. FOLLOW – @<YOUR NAME> & @craft_notes
3. TAG – A drinking buddy (each tag is another entry)

Winner announced at end of month. Both contest winner and all entrants can pick up a passport any time in our taproom (I suggest Monday during growler specials)
āœ”ļø Enjoy visiting some of Minnesota’s finest venues and make some new friends along the way.Ā 
āœ”ļø Pick these up at our taproom for a special discount.Ā 
āœ”ļø Sales directly support #mnbeer and the @mncraftbrewersguild

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Craft Notes Community Happy Hour

We’ll produce, promote, and host a happy hour at the end of the month for you. Typically, this is an “extended happy hour” happening on one of the last Wednesdays or Thursdays of the month.

We’ll invest in the event; have a team to check people in, provide food or other activity, plus take photos we can both use in future.

There is no “ask” from you, other than to include a small educational component (ie. short tour or small tasting) and that you help promote the event.
(Typically, we’ll offer this special educational component early on as a special thing for just our Community).

How it works:

  1. We’ll set a date the month before with you for the event. Date/Time can be customized to work for you, but best is ~ last Wednesday, 4-7pm
  2. We’ll make posters and online listings. You’ll put those up in your space and help promote on social media
  3. No discounts or other is needed. Event is subject to standard promotions you have (ie. if you have happy hour 4-6pm, there will be happy hour 4-6pm, nothing more). If people have a passport/app, they can redeem now, along app limits and rules.
  4. YOU will host a small educational component for a smaller group before/at start of event.
  5. Day of, we’ll have a small table to make it official and manage the crowd. We may host trivia, games, food, or other thing at your option and our cost, with the goal of keeping people there buying drinks.