Professional Photography Services specialized in Food/Drink/Lifestyle industry.

Our packages are specially designed to support local businesses by providing professional photography services, and long-lasting brand assets for a fraction of the normal price by professional photographer.

Professional Photography at a fraction of the price.

FREE FOR PARTNERS (see details below)

Special pricing and shoot plans are designed to help our venue-partners access premium assets for their brand.

We work with highly vetted, professional photographers that specialize in food/beverage industry.

  • Brand Photos (space, products, production, and high-value brand images)
  • Lifestyle Photos and Portaits
  • Event Photography

Special “At-Cost” Service for Craft Notes Venue-Partners

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Included in all shoots above:
📷 Professional Photographer/lighting/equipment as required
📷 Full Image Rights on Final images for any use
📷 High-Resolution (for use on any size)
📷 Optional: Suggested shot list (to be provided by client)
**Guaranteed you’ll love them!
(please note photo services not provided in all locations)


This is way cheaper than other photographers, is the quality less?

PROFESSIONAL Photos come from professional photographers.
Our pricing is “at-cost” (for partners) meaning we are providing this service for no upcharge; your money is going directly to professional photographers that we’ve vetted for quality in the industry.

We contract with them for longer-term and just pass the savings down.

Basically, we saw this as something our partners struggled with and we’re trying to help.

Who owns the ‘rights’? Can I publish them anywhere?

YOU own the rights for all photos you’ve purchased. You are granted complete rights regarding use, modification, publication for your business.

As these are provided at a deep discount, the only limit is that you are not allowed to SELL the images,

How does the monthly charge work and what do I get?

We will bill you by the month as ACH auto-withdrawl. You have a credit of 2 full photo sessions to be used at your leisure.

If you need more sessions, you can request this at the beginning ($30/month per session) or 1-time $300. If you need additional touch up or videos, these will be paid for in full on delivery/acceptance.

This is a 12-month contract and will renew. If sessions are not used, will not renew and you will be able to use it in the future.

How does the monthly charge work?

We will bill you by the month

What is the difference between hi-res professional images and regular?

Quality. Think “Craft Beer vs. PBR” – both are beer, but only one truly demands loyalty for quality.

From everything we know, it’s worth it. And for a few $100, you not only support local freelancers, you get year’s worth of top brand quality. Google It to ask the world

Guaranteed I love them? What does this mean?

If you don’t like the images, please create a shot list. We will retake them at another session and ensure you get what you need.  If you don’t wish to have another session, your pre-session payment of 50% will provide liscense to ½ of the number of “final images” above.

Can I instruct the photogapher?

YES. This is encouraged to help you get what you need. It’s called a ‘shot list’ and you can provide this when the photographer arrives (or ideally before in case we need to plan what gear to bring).

DEFINITIONS: What do you mean by ‘different shots?’ What are ‘web-ready watermarked’ / ‘full’ gallery’ / Final Images ? – Here is what to expect

Final Edited Images = These are super-hi-res to be used on billboards. They are color-corrected and edited by the photographer for perfection.

Web-ready watermarked = all images from your shoot are available to you at ‘web’ resolution. Not good for print and includes Craft Notes watermark.

Full Gallery = Hi-res, un-edited gallery images available to you. These would be good for a flyer or mailer or anything online and include no watermark.

#X “Different Photos” = We’ll have X different angles/subjects. Think, 2 of the bar, 3 of the beer/food, 4 of the people, etc… The best of each “subject” = ‘1 different photo”

What should I do to be ready for/maximize this shoot opportunity?

After you’ve scheduled your photo session, these are some great tips to maximize output. #TIPS

  1. Plan a shoot on a production day.
  2. Provide a shot list! Our photographers specialize in the food/beverage industry, but its the best way to get what you want. This will help photographer know what you’re looking for.
  3. Have staff or other employees available.
  4. Be available for a short time and support photographer requests
Do I need to pay for a photo gallery?

Yes and No.

Venue-Partners featured on Craft Notes are entitled to 1 Makerview feature, which, at your option, can include a shorter, ‘test’ gallery. After that session, you’ll get a handful of photos to use on the web.

If you like them, you can purchase the full gallery and rights.

What is the “Partner” and “other” prices mean?

ALL partners receive the courtesy discounted price. While we don’t accept everyone into our program, if you’re making something cool and are committed (altruistically) to your community, you can apply to be a partner.