This is text in “normal”

This is text in “Medium”

This is body text in “Large”

Th is HUGE body text

This is a quote. We’d probably want to use for testimonials, so maybe we should solve how to use this by adding an image of somone too??? Lets make it

– Matthew Dowgwillo, Founder

This is pullquote (another style) we can use this for stuff too, but not sure what?? Lets make it Montserrat.

Matthew Dowgwillo – Fonder

This is a heading 2 style, it’s too big, so make it smaller like an h3 size

This is my Atomic Blocks Tesimonial Block



Minnesota Gift Shop

This is a standard heading 3 style – it’s perfect, but shouldn’t be italic

This is a heading 4 style – make it monserrat , bold, italic

This is embedding a product, which we will use alot. when i view it on screen it looks wonky, but looks nice in the editor. Fix it up to look cleaner/proper spacing from elements, smaller title text (ideal would be to match subheading).