• What’s Up?
  • 12/1/22: Red Stag Supperclub is closing and will no longer be available to app or passport holders
  • 12/21/22: Your last chance to visit them in any capacity (including V4 Passport holders — if you have one of these, please claim a drink in our app at a different venue, using the Promo Code: “hifriend”)
  • Ownership to Focus is on new Italian concept in Minneapolis Uptown. We will update once we’ve had the chance to check it out for you!
  • Barbette/Prairie Organic drink feature still available (App/v4 Pass)

matt dowgwillo - craft notes passport club founder

“Today, I’m super sad to announce that one of favorite partners, Red Stag Supper Club is closing. Craft Notes only features the best places, and we’re sad to see a truly great anchor of MN Culture closing…”

— Matt D. Craft Notes MN Curator

I just wanted to write a personal note to let you know about this.. We stopped in last weekend to enjoy our final brunch here, and it will be MY final visit, however you can get a last look all December before hey finally close their doors.

Red Stag was a personal favorite. They embodied the quality and commitment to community that we are trying to pay tribute to with Craft Notes.

Not only was it a restaurant that oozed class, they were Leaders in Sustainability, and MN’s 1st LEED Certified restaurant. It’s focus on Midwest culture was a showcase for all things “Midwest”.

Many will remember them for their focus on quality local ingredients, and brunch. I will remember them as 1 of the first big supporters of local Minnesota Craft Beer, and craft cocktail pioneers that created a safe and welcoming space for all people.

Supporters of local craft beer – Red Stag Block Party

I’ll also remember them for their annual summer block party which sought to bring the entire metro area together with music, food, and craft beer. In partnership with the Growler, this event was a true collaboration with local breweries who would connect with eachother to make and release beers together.

It was awesome.

You can read more about the closure and what’s next here.

And you can check out some of my favorite photos that I took at these events below.



PS. In 2021 we updated our slogan to “Support Local, Be Rewarded” — Craft Notes has always chosen only the highest quality, best venues, and until 2021, we’ve never had to say goodbye to any of our partners. The pandemic changed everything. Please remember to support what you love! And you can trust us to always make sure you can find them on Craft Notes.

Red Stag Supper club Photos (Craft Notes photos from the years)

(photos that I personally took)

red stag leed certified restaurant in NE minneapolis mn

Art and feature from our V4 “Leaders in Sustainability” volume. Designed by Keith Wlliams

Minneapolis hipster girls at the red stag block party
lizzo's grrrl party performs at Red Stag Block party
Tony Zaccardi, owner of Palmers bar at Red Stag Block party in NE MPLS