As you know, all of the Craft Notes Drink Passports are curated and designed to follow a theme.

In 2020, we thought it was important to tell the story of Sustainability. Local food and drink culture is so intertwined with the land and it’s resources, that it seemed like an essential story to tell…

– Matthew Dowgwillo – Craft Notes Founder

Our Volume 4 Passport will be dedicated to local breweries, distilleries, and restaurants that are doing way more than their fair share in minimizing their impact on the environment.

Our goal will be to identify the most impactful and forward-thinking local Minnesotans that are making environmental sustainability a priority. And while we hope that these priorities make both business and moral sense, we hope that once you know who they are and what they do, that you’ll support the heck out of them.

And maybe, just maybe, other businesses will begin to take notice and follow in their footsteps.

Previous Passport Themes

Built for people really wanting a quick overview into Minnesota Craft, Volume 1 started with the idea of identifying the “20 Most Essential Craftsmen.” It was a tribute to the “original” local breweries and distilleries that built this whole thing. We wanted to pay tribute to those that came first. It represents the absolute best breweries and distilleries in the Twin Cities.

Volume 3 Craft Beer Passport was heavily focused on NE Minneapolis craft breweries. It rounded out the few places we missed in v1, with a nod to some of the newer, hotter, breweries in the Twin Cities. (Volume 2, we tried to feature more distilleries and craftsmen that were “off the beaten path” so to speak, so that you’d be able to go somewhere you don’t usually go).