Craft Notes has a mission of Sustainability.

You are invited to be a featured Craft Notes partner for an entire month. Our Goal:

  • EXPOSURE: Coordinated Social Media campaign across multiple influencers
  • NEW FANS: new customers, and lots of sales
  • A HOSTED EVENT: We will host an event at your venue
  • DO GOOD: we’ll plant a lot of 🌲’s together
  • GOOD FEELS: We’ll work together to let people know how hard we work at doing good.
💸 By the end of your month, our goal is to create 100's of local consumer-ambassadors, provide assets for your future marketing goals, a noticeable bump in sales. AND lots of trees planted!
(view user site for current status)

Program Details

GOAL: Our Mission is to build an all-inclusive community of Craft Lovers and Support our Local Partners.
We believe its not just about fun and making good products. It’s about doing good, building community, and creating a long-term brand.

#CraftNotesPlantsTrees is a collaboration between Craft Notes, multiple local influencers and media groups, and you. The goal is to drive new people to you during your featured month, while elevating brand perception and doing something good for the environment.

Designed to be SIMPLE for you.

  • 🍺 OFFERS: No change to current arrangement; Venue offers a “reward drink” to valid Craft Notes App holders after they make a purchase.
  • PROMOTIONS: We give you a promotional calendar and assets. All you have to do is post at the agreed times.
  • 🌲TREES: Craft Notes plants a tree for each “reward drink” via

Partner Agreement:

Craft Notes agrees: to promote venue for an entire month

  • Top search result on Mobile App
  • Hosted Event (4th Wednesday)
  • Provide promotional materials to venue
  • $$ Contributions to pay for tree plantings
  • Provide creative assets for the promotion

Venue Agrees: To support the promotion to best capabilities and provide 2, $30 Gift Cards

  • Cost is $0, however, we need 2-$25 Gift Cards to be part of the Giveaway.
  • Put up posters and/or other signage for the feature month
  • Participate in promoting event and program via Social Media and other other

NEXT STEPS & CALENDAR (expand selection)

Schedule Your Feature Month *Invited Partners Only*
  1. This is a ‘hidden’ page, and we will have contacted you. Understand the expectations for involvement and schedule a month with your local Craft Notes Manager, and reply to that message to coordinate an agreed month.
  2. Be sure to read the calendar and participation requirements below
  3. ADD YOUR TEAM – We need your Events/Marketing and Social Media contacts + Any other job roles as noted in form below…
(30 Days before)SETUP MONTH” – Get Assets Ready…

Craft Notes will get you everything you need for the promotion. Your job is to make it a powerful program for your venue.

Venue Will:

  1. Send professional assets (Or Craft Notes can assist for a fee)
  2. Get Gift Cards to Craft Notes for Giveaway (2@$25)
  3. Finalize any event details together
  4. Get assets and have them printed
  5. *📅 Short Meeting* We’ll meet near end of cold month to coordinate the promotion and finalize any unique event logistics if applicable. — How do you find success in promoting events? We’ll do that:)
craft notes plants trees poster
EXECUTION MONTH” (Your Featured Month) – Promote!
  • Week 1:
    Craft Notes: Publish Blog Feature, Update Mobile App, SM announcements, Event Listings online, News feature
    Venue: Put up Print Materials, link events on socials
  • Week 2: Collaborative Promotion
  • Week 3: Collaborative Promotion
  • Week 4: We’ll host our event
  • Month End: We’ll send a recap video of event/trees planted together

Additional Questions/to schedule your feature month? Call Matt (612-803-1022) or your Local Craft Notes Manager.