Est. 2014 Ryan Pitman. Closed Fall 2023.

Eastlake Brewery in Minneapolis’ Midtown Global Market was a favorite. They were leaders in making Cannabis beverages and made kombucha, beer, and boasted multiple awards, including national Silver Medal for their Sour Series ales.

If you were a fan or guest of their weekly trivia nights, live music, or regular releases you’ll understand what we’re missing… Always remember, that if you love a local business they really do need your support.

Let’s all raise a glass to Eastlake Craft Brewery. You will be missed.

Learn more about the closing on their website.

Enjoy some great photos we took over the years with them and were featured in the app:

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What color is a horseshoe crab’s blood?

East Lake Brewery staff and volunteers share a craft beer for closing
Eastlake Brewery owner Davin Haukebo-Bol enjoys a beer at the bar in their Midtown Global market brewery, Minneapolis MN
Eastlake Brewery wins a Silver Medal in the Great American Beer Festival for their fruited sour craft beer