(this post updated 1/4/2021)

!!Temporary changes to the passport program effective immediately!!
Please Read this post in it’s entirety.

Help us keep customers happy and returning to your business.

Due to the unprecedented times, we’re trying to succeed in our mission of supporting YOU, local business while adapting to the changes.

Please see below resources designed to reduce consumer/staff confusion and increase customer loyalty.

sign for partners and breweries
click here for printable pdf

Consistent. Honest Messaging.

Covid has hit all of us hard, and we’ve all had to make adjustments, scale back expectations, and make the best of a bad situation. I think everyone can agree: Let’s get back to normal soon!

Until then, it’s my hope that by getting all partners and consumers on the same page, that we’ll all be able to prevent any negative consumer blow back (both immediate and long term) on your business.

We have surveyed consumers, worked alongside the MN Craft Brewers Guild and feel that we have a viable solution, which we’ve made easy for you to deal with below.

Also, moving forward, our new slogan is “Support Local, Be Rewarded” – All passport or app usage will require “Supporting a local business” before claiming a drink reward.

Thank you,


Matt Dowgwillo

Founder, Craft Notes

Issues & Background

Craft Notes’ core Mission is to support local businesses that are an important part of local culture (ie. YOU).

We are creating an all-inclusive community of craft lovers and curating exceptionalism by selecting only the best, highest-quality venues to partner with.

In order to recover from a bad situation and prevent any long term damage to your business, we’re adjusting the way that our program works so that ALL OF US on on the same page.

When Craft Notes created this passport model, the goal was to provide the best marketing for the lowest cost for local businesses like yours.
1) introduce new customers to “craft” and grow the industry as a whole.
2) expand your brand with solid messaging
3) drive customers in your doors and turn them into long-term customers
—> All of this relied on excess inventory. Which is now limited.

Effective Immediately:
Do Not Accept Craft Notes Passports

We will be messaging consumers with the following, and we’d like your support doing the same. See below for additional info:

1) UPDATED Rules for using all passports / app redemptions

Please, for the sake of consistency, Follow what we are messaging patrons. (Of course, you are only obligated to follow what you’ve signed up for, this is just a request in an attempt to maximize your revenue while keeping the industry strong and customers happy).

2) Keep People happy with consistent messaging.

We want to make sure people don’t get mad at you for not honoring the offers. It’s important that we let them know:

  1. They are not losing out! – Offers are still valid, only due to current circumstances, they have been put on hold. Our passports have never really been designed to expire, but it’s important to make this point more understood.
  2. That the industry as a whole needs their support – encourage them to tell their friends and return soon.
  3. Support passport sales on site – Help make a little extra money, reinforce the consumer message, and really, just help us so we are able to continue helping you grow the craft market.

Additional Questions?

Issues or questions, please contact your partnership rep or call Matt Dowgwillo at 612-803-1022. We’ve tried to answer some of them for you…

Why are you stopping our offers?

Our mission is to support local business. We feel that due to the extreme circumstances of the pandemic, that we are best able to do this by continuing to encourage exploration, but not the deal, until the “excess inventory” exists and things return more back to normal.

Will customers be mad at me if I don’t honor the offer?

We will work with you to ensure consistent messaging and make sure people understand you want to offer the deal, and you will, it’s just that right now you can’t. You can blame us:)

If I want to, can I still honor the offer?

You can, however, we ask that you DO NOT. We feel it’s important that EVERYONE is on the same page.
This means: 2-for-1s, After Covid Restrictions Lifted: Back to normal.

Won’t this hurt Craft Notes?

Yes, however, our mission has always been to support you, and we feel its the best temporary solution for both us and you.

How can we help Craft Notes?

1. Please ensure guests see the messaging from us when the arrive.
2. Help us sell passports. Bonus! You get money too:) – they are still valid, they just aren’t valid until business is more ‘normal’

When should I start allowing them again?

You can start accepting them after Pandemic Restrictions have been lifted to >50%.
We will be messaging you as a reminder when it’s time.

What about the new MNCBG Passport? Is this still on?

Yes, In order to continue their work for the industry, the Guild will be using the funds from the passport to supplement lost event revenue and continue their work for the industry.

Will people still purchase a passport if we have a temporary ‘hold’ on the offers?

We certainly hope so;) – see consumer message related to covid.