Now, more than ever, I want people to feel connected to their community and to each other.

We want to help grow the world of “craft” and support a local community. Starting with education, having new experiences, trying new things, making new friends, and supporting authentic, hard-working people; these joys are universal no matter who you are.

Our mission is to use technology for actual good. To help you weed through the clutter and introduce you to authentic, home-grown exceptionalism.


Matt Dowgwillo

Craft Notes Founder
craft notes is an all-inclusive drinks club focused on exploration, community, and sustainability with a center on craft beer, great restaurants, and supporting local business

Committed to inclusivity

Craft Notes is an all-Inclusive community centered on creativity and exploration.


local maker with craft beer and a cocktail

Exceptional Local Makers

We seek out authentic, passionate, local makers that are making the best products and contributing to local culture. Be inspired by their stories and get insider-recommendations learn More.

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Supporting Local Artists

We hire local artists to design and print our passports, ensuring that each is unique and special. – Learn More.

Green & Sustainable

Craft Notes is carbon neutral, and sustainability is important to everyone we feature. – Learn More.

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Community Focused

We are proud to give back to local charities, like the Humane Society, and we feature businesses that agree that it’s important to give back. – Learn More.