If you hold a passport, use the mobile app, or are considering purchase, please read this page first, and in it’s entirety!

Dear Craft Notes Community,

Thank you for all the support and love you’ve shown Craft Notes. It’s been rewarding to partner with, learn about, and support so many great local people.

We founded the passport concept with 2 missions in mind:

1) For Consumers – Learning, Fun, & Exploration: A trusted, authentic, curated, all-inclusive community centered on local culture; to connect you to the best, most creative, local businesses.

2) For Local Business Partners – Help authentic ones succeed: Support their contributions to local culture and the local economy by bringing new customers and telling their stories.

In order to fulfill mutual Partnership mission, I’m asking for your support by following, sharing, and embracing these temporary changes (see below). — Things will get better again. Until then, let’s do our part to make that happen quicker.

Thank you,


Matthew Dowgwillo

Craft Notes Founder

Important changes to passports for 2020

Craft Notes is a program that is based on mutual benefit for both partners and consumers. Right now our partners need your support.

1) Complimentary Drink Temporarily not available For Passports

In the interest of their survival, we’ve asked our partners to NOT accept Craft Notes passports or Mobile App offers while reduced capacity rule are in effect.

This is a TEMPORARY response we feel is required to fullfill our mission of supporting the best local businesses.
The industry has been hit hard, and we’re encouraging you to support them with full-priced purchases while venue capacity limits are in effect.

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2) Craft Notes Events Temporarily Cancelled

We look forward to getting together soon, but for the moment, all events hosted by us will be cancelled.

3) No Change: Exploration & Learning

Craft Notes Passports and Mobile app are still a great way to discover, learn about, and explore the best local artisans — now you can use it to guide you to who is most-deserving of your support.

4) Upcoming Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild Passport – Still coming!

We will still be releasing this in the next several weeks. And YES, the guild and the breweries within are still very needing of your support. Purchasing yours now will be a great way to support the Minnesota craft beer industry, with money going immediately and directly to their survival.

Questions About new our products and how it affects you.

Why are you doing this?

We are living in unprecedented times. Because current venue capacity is so limited right now, we do not want them missing revenue they currently desperately need.

What can I do to support the venues I love?

As able, continue to shop local and buy what you need from them. And don’t forget when you DO go, to tip big! Staff have been very affected and we are depending on you. (See More ideas)

Is Craft Notes going away?

While we’ve faced similar struggles as all businesses in this time, we believe that everyone should do what we can. In our case, that’s accepting lost revenue for the trade-off of seeing everyone come out of this as quickly as possible.

How can I support Craft Notes?

The pandemic dried up our ad budget, so please, follow us, tell your friends, give us good reviews…
If able, purchase a new passport; it will be valid when times return to normal. – Even better if you can do it at one of or local retail shops that have also been affected.

Drink Passport Holders & Mobile App Subscribers

So, can I use my app or passport now?

For Complimentary Drinks? NO. We’re asking you to support them with full priced purchases.

For learning and Exploration? YES. All Craft Notes businesses are a curated list of who we feel are the best at what they do.
In fact, Passports are curated for an experience, so while the drink value is currently not available, you can still use it to learn about and guide you to great places.

Will partners accept my Craft Notes in the future?

Partners love seeing new people and look forward to buying you a drink in the future. They all have signed agreements with us to provide you with this.
In fact, most would still honor it right now, it is OUR decision to hold these because we want to make sure they survive in the long term.

When will I be able to get Complimentary Drinks with my Passport/App?

It’s a simple “supply and demand” issue right now. All of our partners are small businesses and currently do not have sufficient capacity due to state laws related to Covid-19 to continue to make a profit. As soon as these laws are lifted, you will be able to use it again.

I Purchased a Passport, am I losing Value?

We want to assure you that you are NOT losing value on your purchase. You will be able to return and use these after capacity limits have been lifted.

Do I have to worry about Passports expiring?

One of the best things about Craft Notes Passports is that they do not expire. Each passport is curated to tell a story about local exceptionalism – great stories do not expire and neither do the drink offers we provide within.
In fact, if able, we ask that you support us with a purchase or gift purchase and just save them for when things open back up.

I’m paying for an app subscription… What are you doing for me?

Currently, 2-for-1 drink offers in the app will NOT be available either. We understand that is the reason most of you would pay or it.

If you would like to unsubscribe for now, you can do so within the app (instructions). However….
We are still actively adding art, photography, and additional places to the app. All current subscription funds are going directly to the local artists that are helping us with that effort. We ask that if you are able, to continue to stay subscribed.

If you are able to stay subscribed, THANK YOU. You will have the option to receive a free 45-day membership when things are reopened again.