If it were up to us, Earth Day would be every day. So, we’re celebrating something we believe in all month; helping the earth, protecting our natural resources, and doing it with measurable goal: Planting Trees. Let’s do this.

You like Minnesota craft beer. You like going out with friends. You love hiking and biking and fresh air…

So, every time you support a local brewery, distillery, or restaurant that is focused on doing good for the environment in the month of April, we’ll plant a tree in your name.

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How it Works

Enjoy Drinks. Plant Trees.

  1. Visit ANY of our featured “Leaders of Sustainability” in April. March 22nd-April 30
    (Can use either, or both; our App or Passport)
  2. “Check in” your drink by sharing it on Instagram using #craftnotesplantstrees @craft_notes. Each unique photo = 1 tree. You can use our app up to 3X per day for a 2-for-1 drink if you really want to plant some wood. (Growler/Takeout = 2 trees!)
    (no Instagram? Post it on facebook or mail us there and we’ll count it!)
  3. Tell your friends. The more people that you go out for drinks with, the more trees you plant.
Now. All the above is still accurate, however, we're adding ALL VENUES ON MOBILE APP to this promotion. They need your support. Most are doing takeout or other. If they are temporarily closed, but you support them with a growler/bottle/meal takeout, we'll plant TWO trees in your name.

Here is a map of all the places your check-in will work for a tree. Just remember to use #craftnotesplantstrees so we can track it back!

Again, as of 3/19, ANY venue on the app/passports work:
1 Pint (when covid lockdown is over = 1 Tree / 1 Growler or Takeout = 2 Trees) (view hours and other ideas to support them)

Cred: @georgeduluth

Why is craft notes planting trees?

More Trees = Better Forests. Better Forests = Cleaner Water. Cleaner Water = Better Beer/Cocktails.

Just like all the places featured in our Craft Notes Sustainability Passport, we’re trying to do our part for the environment, and nothing does more for us like a great forest.

The building blocks of great beer and spirits are the natural resources that go into them. Hops, grains, yeasts, fruits… and perhaps the most critical: clean, fresh, water. And clean water is dependent on forests to hold river banks, filter water to make it cleaner, and give us fresher water for beer.

That, and I love visiting Minnesota’s north shore for camping and hiking; looking out from the bluffs at the forest around me… (All of which, at the end of the day, there is nothing more enjoyable than a good, fresh beer.)

Our biggest Passport sale ever!

This year, Earth Day is on April 22nd.
So, to help everyone participate, we’re doing our biggest sale ever! All “Leaders in Sustainability Passports” are on sale for $22.

(sale runs March 22 – April 23)

Don’t want to buy anything? That’s ok. Our goal here is to let businesses see that people support them when they are good to the environment so that other businesses will follow their lead.

FREE FOR EVERYONE: Use our mobile app to score 2-for-1 drinks AND plant a tree!
–> Use the promo code “planttrees” (how to use it).

  • craft notes craft beer and drink passport for breweries, distilleries, and restaurants in Minnesota
    Original price was: $30.00.Current price is: $15.00.

Partners, friends, and participating businesses… These people helped support our mission to plant trees. Please support them and everything they do.


Matt Dowgwillo

Craft Notes Founder

Thanks to the community for helping us build assets for this campaign!

Also, big thanks to the friends and photographers that helped us put imagery of Minnesota forests together. Follow their accounts and be inspired to venture outdoors this season! They are all local photographers and explorers and nice people that support environmental stewardship, and drinks. AKA our kind of people:)

Craft beer and winter biking in Minnesota
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Press Release and Sharable Images

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We’ve added the original photographer to all the photos, please tag them and @craft_notes if sharing on social media!

Planting trees. Enjoying Twin Cities and minnesota craft beer & Cocktails

*Craft Notes will plant up to 1,000 trees for this promotion. One tree for every checkin at the above venues using the #craftnotesplantstrees during the month of April. Each unique outing/photo = 1 tree. No limits to any person’s participation. Valid at all the fine Minnesotan breweries, distilleries, and restaurants featured in our Sustainability passport. No purchase from Craft Notes necessary. Please just support great Minnesotans trying to shape the future of business!