I’m really excited about this one. I think its a great opportunity to push industry perception forward and attract new customers to be dedicated to supporting local craft. Really looking forward to furthering the message with you…

-Matt D., Founder

craft notes best breweries and distilleries

Craft Notes is writing the story of “Sustainability” – We’re looking for the local Industry Leaders of the movement/businesses that make protecting the environment a key part of their mission

The goal is to 1) build consumer loyalty for your efforts, 2) encourage others to follow in your footsteps, and 3) Elevate the perception of the industry.

I’m also hoping that through your help and permission, I’ll be able to build a resource for strategies and innovation that can be a resource for everyone in the industry.

– (Rough Verbiage/initial mocks/positioning below) –

If you have something THAT IS UNIQUE/INDUSTRY LEADING OR NEAR 100% ZERO-IMPACT/UPCYCLED WE WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT! Especially if you were the 1st to do it or if your innovation makes a lot of business sense.

(If you are a new partner on Craft Notes, please also fill out our Data Sheet so we have the basic info as you want it displayed as this form is for Sustainability passport only)

**Please Note: If you’ve been invited to the passport, you are garunteed a spot in our Mobile App.

current rough designs and page layout

Front Cover: Leaders in Sustainability Volume (special themes get full color)

Inside cover: Craft Notes Mission + Passport Ownership
1st Page: List of places leading in sustainabilty

2nd Page: How to use this book
3rd Page: Why are we covering sustainability/How MN is leading (a note from Matt)

We are limited to 20 places for our Passports, and our mission is to choose the most inspirational stories related to sustainability. This is only a current assessment from what we know/learn.

My personal interest is in sustainability issues. I know making beer/spirits is a large energy and material input, but I’m hoping to share what I learn and help connect everyone that is interested in the subject and making efforts to do better!

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