I probably don’t need to sell you on the importance of supporting local in times like this. Safety is paramount. But the local economy also needs your support. Every dollar spent here is recycled back in much better than chains. We must maintain the hard-fought cultural boom we’ve seen in the Twin Cities.

Here are some tips for supporting local restaurants and cultural institutions. *Applause* for people getting creative.

Thanks in advance for everything you can do!

Minnesota Breweries offering beer takeout/delivery

(and other creative ways to help the community)

Check out this handy map from the MN Craft Brewers’ Guild. It shows who’s got take-out/delivery and hours as well as programs for staff. (Shows all MN Breweries offering special hours/takeout)

And while you’re at it, if you use your Craft Notes App and are doing takeout (food, growler, bottles) make sure to post a pic using #craftnotesplantstrees and we’ll plant 2 trees in your name.

Bent Paddle Brewing: Takeout Beers + Food Drive

Big props to the folks at Bent Paddle Brewing. They are hosting Crowler/Growler sales for take-out. They are also trying to help the local Duluth community and supporting local food shelves. So when you’re picking up beer, don’t forget to drop some canned food. You’ll feel good, and they’ll reward you with a BOGO card for when they reopen.

Folly Coffee Roasters Subscription

Here’s a pretty creative idea! The local coffee-roasting crew in our Coffee Passport, Folly Coffee Roasters, is offering a new delivery service subscription. Currently 10% off as well! So if you can’t be out at your fav cafe, at least you can make pro-level coffee at home.

Buy Gift Cards

Another great idea (if you can swing it) is to buy gift cards at your favorite spots then use them over time when they reopen. Check out your regular spots for online sales or hit them up on Facebook to see how to do it.

Easy Button. Toast (and while they take a cut) is making it easy for places that use their POS as well as offering grant money. #RallyforRestaurants

Craft Notes could use some love too.

We had all this great stuff planned, like #craftnotesplantstrees for Earth Day (we’re hoping will still be on). We had planned, and will still offer our Biggest Sale Ever, so that when the fog does lift, at least you’ll have some places to go (and they are GOOD places that commit to the environment, so you’ll be supporting the ones that deserve it).

Please share this post if you have any friends that are looking to support!