Craft Notes mission is focused on inclusivity.

With #CraftDrinksForAll, we invite EVERYONE to explore a new venue and enjoy a Reward-Drink. (available to everyone with our app, for free).

Each month, we feature a new venue to explore.

BONUS? You’re also helping us with our mission of sustainability, and for each Reward-Drink redeemed, we’ll plant a tree in your name! #craftnotesplantstrees (and you can also win $100 prize!).

We’ll be telling their stories, hosting promotions, and really trying to expand your social circle each month. So no matter what your situation is, if you’re cool and want to try something new, we invite everyone to join us.

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We want to make sure you still feel connected to the venues and stories we curate, and we invite EVERYONE to enjoy a Complimentary drink each month through our app.


Everyone can Claim a complimentary craft drink and explore a new venue each month.

  1. Download the app (iTunes / Play)
  2. Sign in (or setup an account)
  3. Go to the EXPLORE tab – > The 1st thing you see should be our featured craftsman of the month
  4. GO ENJOY – visit them, make some new friends, enjoy your night.
  5. SHOW APP SCREEN – when your tab comes, just show them your Drink Screen and they’ll take one off your tab.

Example: Bent Paddle is at top and has the Red Tag.

Bonus! If you go here, you’ll also be supporting our sustainability mission; we’ll plant a tree in your name! #craftnotesplantstrees.

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While we hope that you’ll eventually see the value in signing up for a Craft Notes Drink-Reward-Plan and supporting our work (while enjoying complimentary drinks every day!), we wanted to ensure EVERYONE would have the opportunity to use our app for discovery and a comp drink.

We invite anyone interested in supporting local and enjoying quality products to join the community and enjoy a new experience each month.

-Matt D. Founder

Part of our Maker of the Month program and “Miniview” Interview Series.