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“I live just down the street… I wanted to do right by the neighborhood and take a building slated for destruction and turn it into a community gathering place.” 

Tom Schroeder – Founder @ Waldmann Brewing

The first thing you notice when entering Waldmann Brewing in the vibrant, yet intimate atmosphere created by groups gathered around tables scattered throughout the original saloon space and upstairs living quarter.  The Waldmann Brewery is the only Minnesota brewery operating out of a residentially zoned property.

Tom Schroeder – The Mini-Interview

Tom Schroeder is not just a brewery owner and beer lover, he is someone that is deeply and personally connected to local history of all kinds and is tireless in his efforts to preserve it and make it accessible to all. Enjoy learning a little bit of local St. Paul history and the brewery below!

“I felt strongly that the building deserved to be restored for its original purpose.

Our restoration of Anton Waldmann’s 1857 lager saloon connects people to the past–and one another–through its authenticity, small-scale intimacy, honest fare, and dedication to brewing traditional German beers.

After years of meticulous restoration and permitting work, we are once again a neighborhood-based institution serving food and drinks to visitors from next-door and across the state.

“We are trying to create a space where you can feel at home while experiencing a piece of Minnesota history.”

Tom’s thoughtful adherence to Civil War era decorations extends beyond the paintings and oil lamps to small details like 17th century windows and a restoration of the original interior paint. As a testament to both the detailed preservation and quality of their beer, the Waldmann Brewery is one of the most visited historical sites in all of Minnesota.

Tom’s Recommendations

Tom Schroeder, above all, is a history buff. This long-time resident had so many great ideas we sent Riley out for an adventure…

Waldmann Brewery – Saint Paul, MN

Est. 2017 by Tom Schroeder
445 Smith Ave N, St Paul, MN 55102 / +16512221857

Beer Recommendation: Pilsner or Seasonal Weissbiers – View tap list

Adam Weis, Waldmann’s Head Brewer, is a graduate of the Siebel Institute in Chicago, completed his residency in Munich, Germany. Tom’s and Adam’s mission is simple: to honor the brewing traditions of 19th century German-American brewers by brewing beers they would’ve been proud of today.

Waldmann uses decoction mashing, heritage malts and hops, horizontal fermentation and long maturation–and all of our beers are unfiltered for fuller flavor. Every aspect of our brew-house and cellar facility was specifically designed for German lager brewing, which perfectly fits our Head Brewer’s experience.

Passport to waldmann brewery

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