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We might think the guys at Arbeiter Brewing are a little nuts, opening their brewery at the end of 2020 in the middle of a pandemic, but talking to them made me feel inspired and hopeful for the craft beer industry, and excited to have them in Craft Notes: they will be a place where Minnesota craft beer fans will be able to discover new national trends.

“A BEER FOR EVERY PERSON… Our unique 3-Vessel system allows us to make more styles and use more brewing techniques.”

Juno Choi – Founder

Juno Choi & Garth Bloomberg- Maker Mini-view

Arbeiter Brewing’s Taproom and Brewery is located in the old Harriet Brewing space; at the center of the Longfellow Neighborhood (and the Longfellow Rising Triangle). (Their team)

Here are the highlights of our conversation — and their plans, recommendations, and community-first approach.

You keep telling me about the quality of Arbeiter’s beers. How does this all come together?

“Our main focus is on Lagers, and our goal is to to be a community taproom where we make approachable beers that are accessible to everyone (multiple house beers just $5)

Our Head-brewer (Aaron Herman, Summit, Town Hall) joined the team to create approachable, drinkable beers across the spectrum. He was promised a 3-vessel system, which allows him to make more styles and utilize special techniques, so you’re going to have standard lagers, but also lots of experimental beers, collaborations, and 1-offs from fruited sours to stouts.”

(Note: Arbeiter houses some state-of-the-art equipment. Most breweries do a 2-vessel system.)

“We aim to be a Minnesota leader for ‘come-try-here-first national beer trends.’ We’ve locked in partnerships with local and national farm suppliers, granting us access to experimental hops, malts, and other specialty ingredients that are not yet part of the mainstream…

…Right now we’re working on an India Pale Lager. I think it’s going to be the next big beer style because it combines the best hop smells and flavors of a traditional IPA, but is crisp and clean like a lager.”

I love the style and murals. It’s obvious you really want to include and be a part of the local community. Who else can you recommend?

“Just a quick shout-out for our Muralist Shade Pratt – she does amazing social justice work and painted the mural. But Yes, our goal is to be a community taproom first.

We really got to meet our neighbors during the Floyd Protests (2020), as we’re right in the heart of it. We weren’t even open yet, but we came down to board up the brewery. When we finished, we just started helping everyone. It was a really good opportunity to bond with the neighborhood.

I absolutely love Moon Palace/Geek Love Cafe right next door. They make the best sour-dough pizzas in the city (orderable in the taproom). They have a cafe, and are an independent books store featuring lots of rare finds, with a focus on social justice and community involvement… Hosting are events and even the Midtown Farmers Market.

Everything Ruhel Islam is doing for the community and in food is super inspiring (his organic farm to feed the poor); unfortunately Ghandi Mahal didn’t make it through the protests. Their new spot is Curry in a Hurry.

Du Nord Distillery (and Du Nord Foundation) is also right up the street. What they are doing for the community is unmatched and we’re inspired by their integrity and look forward to working with them n the near future.”

A Map to Juno’s Recommendations

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Arbeiter Brewing Minneapolis, MN

Est. 2018 by Juno Choi, Garth Bloomberg, Josh Voeltz
3038 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55406 / (612) 438-2437

Beer Recommendation: Lagers – View tap list

3 Long-time Minnesota Craft Beer veterans join Town Hall’s brewer Aaron Herman to open a special 3-vessel, 10-barrel community taphouse in South Minneapolis. Featuring a wide-range of beer styles, everyone will find something to love and sip on their outside patio or in the large, open-ceiling brew house.

Passport to Arbeiter Brewing

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