Craft Notes is more fun with friends. Why not earn some extra $$ by referring them and getting them to join on an adventure?!?!
Affiliates promote a personal URL and earn a commission for all referrals. 
Learn more and sign up below.

Becoming an “Affiliate” is for anyone wishing to promote Craft Notes and earn a commission for anyone that purchases.

❓ Are you an influencer on Social Media?

❓ Do you work at a company with a holiday gift list?

❓ Or do you just have a lot of friends that need a passport?

Support the Craft Notes mission AND earn money for every friend, fan, follower, or wonderful human that makes a purchase.

How does it work?

✔️ You promote Craft Notes Passports thru personal URL. We do the rest!

✔️ Your followers/groups buy from us on this site. All orders fulfilled by us.

✔️ You get 15% commission

Sounds good. Sign me up (below)


Signing up is easy and we’re offering flexible terms, long cookies, and a lifetime value for your referrals.

Please complete all steps to signup and be successful! If you have questions, please read more below or follow the support information in the drop downs.


Sounds good? Proceed.
Want to learn more about us? (home)
Already on our email list? Make sure to use the email you want to use for the affiliate program and be sure to check “Affiliate” in the checkboxes below (it will update you).


Once you get the confirmation email, Go to your profile page!

  • 1. Signup on email list
  • 2. Signup as affiliate
  • 3. Update your Account on your profile page!
    • 4. Assign a Referral URL
    • 5. Add in your PayPal account (you do not need this, we can pay via venmo or check, but payment timing may be less consistent. You will be able to track all payouts on your account page)
  • 6. Optional: Download toolkit
  • 7. Optional: Request a coupon
  • 8. Create content and promote!


1. Signup on email list 2. Signup as affiliate 3. Update your account (Assign a Referral URL and add in your PayPal account) 4. Optional: Download toolkit 5. Optional: Request a coupon 6. Create content and promote!

If you’d like to use some of our images or get logos you can download a toolkit, however, we encourage you to focus on your own creative. All Affiliates qualify for a complimentary book, if you don’t have one, you can get one by signing up as an Ambassador first.

Affiliate Program FAQ

Will I have to work hard to make money and support local these places?

NO! This is easy.

You go out. You promote Craft Notes and the awesome local businesses (a lot of what you’re already doing) and include a link in your stories and posts to us. You get paid for the next 60 days if any of those people buy. EASY.

What is commission structure for Influencer-Affiliates? When do I get paid?
  • Payouts are designed to be industry-leading and we thank you for your support!
    All affiliates will receive 15% of the total order value, not including shipping or taxes.
    Referral cookies live for 60 days, meaning that any refferal that comes from your link is attributed to you for 60 days, whether they buy on that first visit or not.
    Craft Notes will pay out whenever commissions are >$100. You may follow your commissions and payouts on your AFFIATE PROFILE PAGE. Commissions can be saved up over time (for example, you could reach $100 in a day or a year) and are paid ~ the 1st of the month. (Note, if you don’t receive a payout by the 10th of the month, but have over $100 owed, please email or call us! / 612-803-1022)
Can I use my handle as the referral URL?

YES. Watch the video above (Step 3 dropdown).

  1. Go to your Dashboard (Profile Tab)
  2. Scroll down and change your referral ID (we recommend name or social handle)
  3. SAVE
Do I get a commission on my own purchases?

Yup. (Just to be safe, be sure you link through your own referral ID)

Can I offer a discount coupon?

YES. You can choose to offer a coupon and all your referrals will get a discount. Note that this will lower the sale an lower commission, however, you will still claim 15% of total.

If you wish to have a coupon you must request it. We will set it up in your name and link it to you, so any use of the coupon (whether using your affiliate URL or not) will be attributed to you.

  1. Go to your Dashboard (Profile Tab)
  2. Scroll down and until you see a link. This will email us directly. You can also email:
I have over $100 in commissions owed, why haven’t I been paid? Or No Paypal Account available.
  1. We’re sorry! know it’s us not you and we don’t have anyone on here regularly. We only check it on occasion, but will get you payment right away…
  2. Go to your Dashboard (Reports Tab)
  3. You should see all details, including payouts owed. If the balance is over $100 we can pay it!
  4. 1st. Ensure you have a paypal ID setup. (Profile Tab)
  5. 2nd. Email and let him know you’re ready for a payout
    • We will send you paypal payment within 72 hours.
  6. Don’t have paypal? Email Matt and let him know and we’ll pay you another way (ie. Venmo, check)