Great for Bands, DJs, Charities, or Group Leaders…
Do you lead a group, charity, or orchestrate buying for your company’s gifts?
Do you already sell at markets/events?
Or do you just want to set these things up under your own hours?

Being part of our Independent Sales Team is a great way to earn extra money and work on your own time!


😎 Earn a lot of money for your group/charity/self!

😎 Do alongside other things you’re already doing

😎 No up-front investment required

😎 No Risk!

If you don’t want to set up your own events, but want to help sell passports at them, join Events Team. Want to earn $$ but let us fulfill the order? Sign up as an Affiliate.

The photo above??
That is from a bar crawl our event photographer Kaite worked on. She brought passports to that event, sold them as part of the event merch, and made an additional >$500 on something she was already doing. WIN. WIN.

Sign up to sell Craft Notes Passports

Essentially: You are getting passports ‘on credit’ from Craft Notes at a wholesale price, selling them on your own, paying for what you sell, and then returning whatever you don’t. The “costs” of fulfillment are yours, but your margins can be huge

More about how this works

Similar to our Affiliate Program, (where you promote sales of our books and collect a commission) and our Events Team (where you go to events we set up). Only here, YOU are setting up the events and handling the fulfillment all yourself.

The biggest benefit is that you can do this on your own time at fun things, or just earn extra money fulfilling your job duties (ie. Buying gifts for all you staff/team) or personal activities (ie. Your Kickball Team).

I’m in! I want to sell Craft Notes.

STEP 1) Join Email List. Check “Independent Sales”
STEP 2) Fill out Credit Form

We need a credit card on file. Once we have this, we can give you books.

Individuals? We will give you ~20 books to start. If you represent a larger group or special fundraiser we support you can note this on the application and we’ll accommodate accordingly.


  1. Fill out the Credit Memo
  2. We’ll save this on file.
  3. You Pay for Items:
    • OPT 1) Let us know when you need more. You’ll pay for them, and get more.
    • OPT 2) 90 Days. We’ll contact you. You will be asked to pay for what you had.
      • Sold out? We can get you more.
      • Still have some? That’s ok. We can take them back. We only need payment for what you sold.
    • We will NOT charge your card, ever. The only time we would do this is if you do not return or pay for your items.


I’m an individual that might do this. Any ideas for how I can sell these and how much I could make?

It all varies on you and we encourage you to try other things. Here is what we’ve found is a great way to do it is 4-5 hour events:

  • Beer Fests (20-100 passports)
  • Block Parties (30-120 passports)
  • Holiday Markets/Art Fests (60-200 passports)
  • Farmers Markets (10-50 passports)
  • Random Pop-ups
  • Business networking events
  • Your Kickball team (20 passports)
  • Your ideas….?
What is my “cost” and WHO would this work for?

Passports price $25-30 will be provided at $15-17.50, “your cost”

Sell them…

    • To friends at a discount so you can all party together
    • To your kickball team
    • To your email list
    • At a brewery; Show up for 2 hours, have some beer, buy one for anyone that buys a book.
    • Better than carrying major inventory! Sell these are market events you are already a part of
    • Add them to your event/band’s merch list
  • CHARITIES/GROUPS as a fundraiser
    • Great fundraising items supports you and the local economy!


  • MAKE $30-60/Hour for having a few beers!
    Hang out for 2 hours at your favorite brewery… Don’t work hard, but put them out with a little sign. A night out having beers? Return home +$30-60 or more! .
    + Sales. You sell 6 passports ($150).
    – Costs: You buy each person a drink (6 beers x $6ea; $36)
    – Book cost (6 books at $15ea; $90)

  • Extra $200 at your event!
    Your Band/Event has a merch table… So you put Craft Notes out next to your CD’s, maybe give a little shoutout during the event.
    + Sales. You sell 20 passports ($500).
    – Costs: Book cost (20 books at $15ea; $300)
  • Extra $550/Week!
    You work it. You go to events, set up at brewery or trivia events…
    + $1300 Sales. You sell 20 passports ($500) at Saturday Farmers market (4 hrs)
    + Another 20 passports ($500) later at Brewery Block Party (4 hrs)
    + Going table:table at a brewery for 2 hours during the week (12 more passports)
    – Costs: Book cost (52 books at $15ea; $750)
What are the Expectations? Do I have minimum’s?

Not really. But we’d like you to be active.

If you only want to do this once around the holidays (when you make the most) this is fine. But most people, we’d like to see selling ~20/month (which can be done in 1 event per month)

It’s all negotiable. The key is that we are both happy.

How is Event Team Different from Independent Sales?

Event Team – More designed for cool people that like Craft Notes. Gets paid hourly to show up and help us at events we set up.

Independent Sales – More designed for leaders of groups, charities, or someone that wants to set up their own events and work on their own schedule.

Can I be part of the other CN Ambassador Programs?


We invite you to be an ambassador, affiliate, or whatever you’d like. We are just trying to give options to people who love our mission and want to lend a hand, as well as support charities and other organizations that can support book sales and the community.