Each month, we feature a local craftsmen to tell their story, stay on the forefront of upcoming local trends, and gain inspiration for our own creativity.

No matter what part of the city you live in, you’ll have multiple events to meet founders and other craft lovers, and even a complimentary drink on our mobile app (#CraftDrinksForAll).

Our Interviews are short and to the point. no more than 3 questions.

A little knowledge ads alot of flavor…

We believe that a little knowledge adds alot of flavor, and that knowing something about a person, their passion, and what they do that is truly unique is an important part to taking your enjoyment for what you consume and the experiences you have with Craft Notes to the next level.

– Matt D., Founder

Our “miniviews” are specifically designed to be quick, engaging, enriching information that will help you form a personal connection to local businesses and provide incredible recommendations.

Recent Features

Learn More/Explore with perks

Goals of this Series

Introduce you to great people

Be inspired. Be part of a community! Craft Notes is really about passion, fun, and doing what you love. We hope by meeting some of the most creative people in your community you’ll not only join us in supporting them, but be inspired to tackle your own creative endeavors.

Build Appreciation

I enjoy craft drinks. Understanding where a product comes from, how it’s made, or knowing the people behind it makes everything better. Especially when it’s local.

Know a little more, Share with friends

Knowing stuff is fun (especially when your friends are impressed with your knowledge:). We try to give you fun, simple, quick stories about the people we feature because it’s fun to get to know them and helps build connections within our community.

Monthly Features


Short interviews introduce you to founders and go a little more in-depth than our articles. We try to make them fun and engaging and partner with incredible local personalities!

Events, Tours, & Networking

Founders, Brewers, artists, creatives, you. Join us to meet everyone! Each month you’ll have special opportunities to meet other people that share your love for exploration and join them at events designed to introduce you in local culture. The majority of Craft Notes events are free to all members and include special perks.

Sample what they make

We feature different vendors and products across the city and metro so that no matter where you live, you’ll have an opportunity to try something new and even take it home with you!