With a Craft Notes Passport, you’ll always have something new to try. An exceptional place to explore. And a complimentary drink waiting for you.

Your Craft Notes passport is designed to give you the “need-to-knows” (and look good too).

Each profile in the book includes:

  • A little background on the founders 
  • Maker Recommendations: What’s the best thing they make? We ask the head brewer/mixologist.
  • Background on what the place is like/what to expect*

(*Profiles on our mobile app go even more in depth if you need directions or more venue-specific info or pictures.)

Date Nights

Me and my husband love to use our (Minnesota) v2 Passport because it sends us around to completely different neighborhoods. We like to try a new restaurant, then go out for a drink after.

Lindsay T. – Fan

No plans next week? how about try something new?

I use my Craft Notes Passport most when I’m bored. I just open it up and let it tell me where to go.

Stephanie H – fan

Work Happy Hours

Our passports are great for those after-work happy hours with your teammates.

Our passports give each person a complimentary drink to enjoy. Plus, you’ll look extra smart to your co-workers when you hit them with places’ background.