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This post will walk you through how to get a membership (we’re assuming you already have the app on your phone and you’ve created an account).

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STep 1) go to your “profile” or “more” tab

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We’ve tried to price our membership around the idea of 1-2 drinks more than pay for the cost, so you’ll want to ensure you plan on using it at least that many times.

You can sign up for an Annual Plan, which will save you big $$ over monthly, but if you’re just trying us out, you can wait until you’re sure!

(If you purchased an activation card or met us somewhere and got a promo code, enter this first), THEN choose a plan.

Step 3) Go through payment process

Is this safe? YES.
We use Braintree, which is a paypal company to handle all our processing. It limits what we’re able to do regarding transactions, but it does ensure your card is protected and that you will never be charged incorrectly. (Payment & Privacy Policy)

(Optional) Step 4) Join us!

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