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Questions about the program, help ordering retail, want to plan an event or need us to sponsor something? Recommend a business or other ideas for us on how to improve? We WANT you to call us, meet us, and stay in contact.


One of the things that makes us the absolute best is the breadth of knowledge our team possesses in the industry.

Created by industry veterans with over 40 years experience 🏆

Together, we’ve worked with 1000’s of local restaurants and drink brands, we decided to hone our focus with Craft Notes because it’s a program designed like no other. It’s not just a drink passport, but an entire, customized model to help local industry brands and businesses succeed in a rapidly changing and competitive drinks business.

Matthew Dowgwillo
Thrifty Hipster, Live Locally, and Craft Notes.

matt dowgwillo - craft notes passport club founder

📧 matt@craftnotes.net
📱 612-803-1022

Live Locally has over 15 years of experience in the restaurant and beer industry, we’ve learned how to promote local business. In 2003, we created the world’s first happy hour search engine, Thrifty Hipster, a hyper-targeted ad-based model competing with local dailys at the time. We evolved as local bars needed support launching websites and managing data. Live Locally SaaS was born, and we were paid to present at the NBWA. Our SaaS eventually sold to beer distributors, but our focus and passion has always been toward supporting local business.

Nick Kosevich
Bittercube & Consulting, Drinks Apothecary, Bombay Sapphire

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Charlie-Award Winner Nick Kosevich has helped launch top restaurants and bars around the world and is the founder of Bittercube along with partner Ira Koplowitz (Violet Hour). Together they’ve launched successful bar programs and been on the forefront of mixology in America and even the world. Nick was first a “partner” to Craft Notes and is now helping us continue to improve our program.

Keith Williams
Artist, Videographer, Colle-McVoy, Martin Williams

keith williams millions art and design

Keith Williams is a Minneapolis artist, graphic designer, videographers, and DJ/promoter. Most people know him for his DJ residency, where he’s been booked next to everyone from Lizzo, Quest Love, and even Dave Chapelle.

But what many people don’t know is that he’s one of the most talented designers in the biz. He’s in charge of making your listing shine, ensuring we’re on-trend, engaging, and showcasing quality.

matt dowgwillo - craft notes passport club founder

Matthew Dowgwillo, Founder
📧 matt@craftnotes.net
📱 612-803-1022

I started Craft Notes to help businesses that I love, and I love knowing everyone and I want to be on first-name basis with you.

I can help you with any questions you have or get you to the right person.