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We sat down with him Matt Zanetti, founder, long-time Twin Cities resident, and visionary of Lake Monster to learn about how they build a team that loves what they do and his recommendations for your next adventure in Midway Saint Paul.

You started this brewery with family and friends, and now have 18 employees…?

         “I’m actually on several committees and I get asked this all the time, kind of as a ‘moral beacon…’ We pay our employees well above minimum wage and full-timers get a gold package from Health Partners. It costs alot, and we make less, but I’m fine with that because they’re great people and it’s about employee retention and doing the right thing. I’m super proud of my great staff.”

Are there other Minnesota makers that inspire you?

         “So many, but in the area, Workhorse Coffee is just lovely and Jill and Deb at the Urban Growler. They make great beer and are really great people It’s good to have great neighbors:)
(Matt also recommends) I grill all the time at home for my 4-year old and we always buy fish from Coastal Seafood on Minnehaha, it’s the best fish market.”

When you talk about building community, what are the important things you do and why do people want to come here?

         “We make really awesome beer… We have a lovely space with lots of seating, spread out tables… My staff are 2nd to none, 5 of the 18 are the original since the beginning (3.5 years). There is alot that goes on, from our event space to multiple food trucks…”

Want to learn more or hear the full interview? Matt Zanetti and Lake Monster Brewing are featured all June for anyone in the Twin Cities. – View Events, the full article, or more photos on instagram.

Full interview with matt zanetti of Lake Monster Brewing

Inspiration to start a brewery comes from all kinds of places. For Matt Zanetti of Lake Monster, it was from a day of meeting local winery owners on a crisp fall Minnesota day near the MN Arboretum. He loved the way that they were run, by family and friends that were all part of creating the experience for visitors. It inspired him to want to gather his friends and family to create something.

So, in 2013 Lake Monster was born, canning their Calhoun Claw Pilsner (1 of my personal favorites) and then opening their taproom in 2016. Here the full interview via podcast with Makers of Minnesota.