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“Everything is brought back to pushing the brand foward and having a great product”

Rob Bathe, Founder/Owner – Folly Coffee Roasters

Folly coffee isn’t for your traditional basic pumpkin spice-loving coffee drinker. Rob made sure of that, bringing unique eye-popping colors and graphics to invoke a vibe that one wouldn’t expect from a boutique roaster.

Rob Bathe – The Mini-Interview

This was interview felt more like an organic conversation. We talked about everything from the inception of Folly Coffee, small businesses that are making some noise, and what impact he hopes to leave on the community.

I Don’t think I’ve asked this before. Why did you start Folly Coffee roasters and why does it resonate with so many people?

Rob: “That’s actually funny because it is the first time you’ve asked me that! It all started from an obsession with coffee. I truly have a love and passion for it and wanted to create something that was authentic. It needed to have superior quality and be different from top to bottom”.

It’s mostly the personality that they each bring to the mix.  Furthermore, I think people resonate with our brand because you can taste the passion we have for our brand and all our coffee products. Also, the marketing of our brand is different. Our packaging, utilizing eye-catching colors, to the way we talk and present ourselves. In addition, my goal with the brand was to be very transparent about what we do at Folly and approach things from a very lackadaisical perspective but in the end everything is brought back to pushing the brand forward having great product”.

That’s crazy cause I’m not a coffee drinker at all but, your logo and colors are what drew me in. what are some brands in the Twin Cities that are really making some noise or have really caught your eye?

Zach Vraa. His ice cream is awesome (A to Z Creamery). I mean the fact that dude has a line out the door every day selling ice cream even in the dead of winter in Minnesota is hard to do. Plus he’s just a cool person overall”.

“I would also check out Kamal Mohamed’s Love You Cookies! I don’t know how the guy packs so much flavor in them without sacrificing the integrity of the cookie. They’re always just softy and moist”.

“Oh! John and Jess at Humble Nut Butters are doing some really cool things as well. They’re taking nut butter to a whole new level with their flavors. It will really make you rethink what you generally apply nut butter to”.

Cookies and butter are my 2 favorite things in life! As you continue to grow and improve. What impact do you hope to have on the community?

“I think to make sure that we continue to maintain a good relationship with our community and creating ways to share our resources and knowledge we picked since starting this company. Minnesota Roasted is a great example; a collaboration of 9 Minnesota Coffee Roasters donating 100% of profits to The North Stands to give back to the restaurant industry during COVID. We’re small but try to use creative and collaborative ideas to give back when we can”.

A Map to Rob’s Recommendations

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Folly Coffee roasters, Saint Louis Park, MN

Est. 2018 by Rob Bathe
4290 Park Glen Rd, St Louis Park, MN 55416 / (612) 297 7888

Coffee Roast Recommendation: Paddy’s Folly 12oz Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee- Rye Bourbon – View Coffee list

Started with online ordering, but have moved up from there. You can now tour their production/tasting space. Also follow Folly Coffee on Instagram for some great insider-coffee info and up-and-coming local businesses we all love to support.

Passport to Folly Coffee roasters

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