We’ve created Craft Notes to be a self-guided tour book, designed to enrich your experiences and help you learn about and appreciate local craft culture as you visit each place at your own pace.

Each book has it’s own theme and is curated.

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Enjoy complimentary drinks (Good for over 12 months from purchase date)

We get it. You’re busy.

Wrangling your crew to try something new takes time, don’t waste your money on something that expires soon.

We want you to choose the experience that best fits for you, and you’ll have over 12 months from the date of purchase to enjoy complimentary drinks from every craftsman in the passport. (how it works)

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Stories never expire.

You’ll enjoy our pocket-sized passports, the insider-knowledge we give you, and the recommendations that come straight from the makers themselves. Because these are curated, we only pick locals that are committed to their products, the industry, and being around for awhile.

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Do something old school and write in it.

Each Craftsman in the passport has their own notes and journal section and the books are made to last. Each is screen-printed by a local artist on high-quality, durable, recycled paper. They are made to be written in and durable enough to be kept.