Research says “Experiences make the best gift” (Wharton College: The Science of Gifting) because getting together with friends and enjoying the finer things in life is what happiness is all about.

Craft Notes Passports make great gifts for anyone that loves great local food and drink. And the best part? Each volume is a different curated experience, allowing you to choose the best “theme” for the person you’re gifting and show them how much you know them by giving them experiences at the places they will love. Whether it’s craft beer, cocktails, or even coffee, you can help them experience that.

Whether you’re gifting a significant other (more dates nights!) or finding something fun for work-mates, friends, or family, we’ve tried to make Craft Notes the best local gift you can give.

Passport Gift Testimonials

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For Christmas last year, my fiancé got me a @craft_notes coffee passport and, let me tell ya, it’s been one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received (and it’s not only because of the 15+ free cups of coffee I can get with it) ☕️ When you go into a local coffee shop, you gain a unique communal experience that corporate coffee chains don’t typically offer. You get to learn about their origins; each place entertaining a story of something new and exciting. And, do you want to know what the best part about all of this is? You’re making YOUR community a destination. Today’s passport page brought us to a small coffee shop located in Saint Paul, MN called @bootstrapcoffee, where I indulged in an oat milk matcha latte accompanied by a delicious blueberry muffin. Their story starts back in 2014 when founder Micah Svejda landed a sweet space in the Vandalia Tower with only a few wholesale customers. Today, they have a roastery located on the retro Wabasha Street with a focus on seasonal coffees and amazing customer support, which I can tell you with confidence this is 100% true! So next time you’re in Saint Paul, or even if you’re living close by and are in need of a comfortable space with a vast menu of coffee to choose from, head on over to Bootstrap Coffee Roasters + remember to support local and small businesses whenever you can 🛍

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