Hi there beautiful iPhone app people!

We are a small local company and while we do our best to release a 100% stable, working app, sometimes the occasional bug happens. This page is designed to help you solve any problems you’re having, and if it’s not on here, please let us know so we can try to fix it!


– Matthew Dowgwillo – Craft Notes Founder

1st things to try:

If you are having try these fixes. We’ve included known bugs and how to fix them below.

#1 – UPDATE YOUR APP! We make app releases regularly about 1/month. 9x out of 10, your issue has already been resolved.

#2 – LOG OUT -> LOG BACK IN! Our app relies on multiple 3rd party tools designed to protect your information more securely than we could. Sometimes tokens get out of synch, especially after an update. If app is updated, try this.

Those 2 steps didn't help?  Try fixes from below. If those don't work, you might have found a new bug! Please let us know so we can fix it for you.

Please include: 
 - As clear a description as possible of what happens when you click where...
 - Any screenshots you have
 - Please note iphone/android app issues (and make sure it's up to date)

app loads, but does not show places?

***RESOLVED IN APP UPDATE 10/1/19 *** (app will force refresh of permissions or set default location if not allowed)

PROBLEM: App worked, and it seems to load, but now all of a sudden you don’t see any places on the main “explore” tab.

Our app requires phone location to fetch venue data.
When Apple made a 13.1 software update, they changed the way location permissions worked and your settings in the app were not updated after the release.

HOW TO FIX: Go to phone settings > Apps > Craft Notes. Ensure location permissions are enabled.

Not SHowing ‘Active ‘ Membership

***RESOLVED IN APP UPDATE 9/19/19 *** (refresh issue with Braintree subscription fixed)

PROBLEM: Unable to redeem drinks due to “inactive” membership, but I have paid.
– OR –
I show “inactive” membership, but I was charged.

Braintree (paypal) is how we manage subscriptions. Firebase is how we manage log in. These can become out of synch, causing inaccurate subscription ‘active/inactive’ on the profile page.

HOW TO FIX: Go to profile > Logout > Log back in. Settings should now accurately show correct membership. You should now be able to access drinks if active membership.