Craft Notes likes to feature cool businesses making great stuff…

Alexa Score, CW TV

Thanks Alexa, and yes, Up Roasters Coffee is one of our absolute favorite! They roast some of the best coffee in Minnesota (and I’m partial to the homemade biscuits for breakfast sandwiches as well.

UP Roasters – (Highgrade, Organic Coffee) is a great local company doing great things, and you can try their coffee (and CJ’s signature roasts) at their shop, at other great Twin Cities’ coffee shops. You can even try them over at Insight Brewing, who uses their coffee berries to make a light coffee ale called the Banshee Cutter (it’s a light-colored, bold flavor coffee beer).

Anyway, we had an opportunity to run around with the CW Crew and stop at some of our favorites partners in NE Minneapolis one day. Drinks and fun were had.

Working with Craft Notes has been fantastic. We see people come through the door with these (passports) all the time. They are people who would not come here otherwise… and once people know what we’re doing, they come back… Its been great.


CJ – Up Roasters

Roaster, Craftsman

Wanna check out UP Roasters Cafe?