Similar as the standard photo and promotions ambassador, but you can also earn money on your own time.  This is for people that have been sharing and exploring as part of our Photo-Ambassador program.

Option 1. I want to promote on my social Media and make $$

You can do this! Just respond to the email and let us know you’d just like to promote a referral code. We’ll get you a personal code and you will make $8/sale (your friend will get free shipping)

Option 2. Get books, sell them, Deliver them, get paid

  • We encourage you to sell books on your own. Its a great way to earn extra money when out! If you are promoting the sale of Craft Notes through your socials or at events/bar nights that you set up, you will be able to keep the money! 
  • You are only responsible for reimbursing us $13 for each book.  (you may sell these to friends at discounts at your option) – These are provided to you Net 90 (or payment due on next book pickup)
  • YOU HANDLE FULFILLMENT – you sell, collect money, deliver book in whatever way works best for you.

Want to be a Sales Ambassador? We gotta set you up with books….

  1. Contact Matt 612-803-1022 or Matt AT Craft Notes DOT net
  2. We usually like to provide books 25 at a time. These are $13 each.
  3. You will fill out a credit card authorization form. This is just held on file for 90 days.
  4. Pay us via check or credit when you’re out of books and need more. You can also send a paypal (matt AT local Hipster DOT com or venmo payment @Craftnotes)


  • Get your own square account. Its free and fees are super low/easy to do. (comes with a reader)

Here are a few Ideas on how you can be successful selling Passports:

Sell and fulfill orders through your social media. You collect money and deliver books to people however you want (FYI: shipping is usually ~$1/book)You pay $13 for book.
Sell for $25, pay $1 to ship, keep 11.00 for you.
Go to brewery, post on socials, ie. “come meet me at Insight, buy a book, I’ll buy you a beer.” get the brewery to share as well, tip bartender good… You pay $13 for book.
You sell for $25, buy them a beer (-5), you keep $7
Your friend works at a charity. Help them raise money! Connect with Matt for better pricing option on bulk/charityCommision on total sale
You know a Realtor and they would love to give these to their clients. You convince him to buy 40 at a discount of $18 each You pay $13 for book.
You deliver 40 books @ discounted 18ea. You make $220
You connect with your college to work a table during the holidays. You sell direct to people on your own time and promote just like at an official CN eventYou pay $13 for book.
Sell for $25, keep 12 for you.
You want to buy a ton for friends for XmasYou pay 13/book instead of $25 Retail

Sound fun? Make sure to join ambassador email list and reply to connect!