We’re looking for Ambassadors to support the Craft Notes mission and help us tell and promote the story of exceptional local makers here in Minnesota. For our 4th volume, we’ll be focusing on “Sustainability.”

What is a Craft Notes Ambassador?

A Craft Notes Ambassador is someone who will help build brand awareness to Craft Notes, while supporting local Breweries, Distilleries and Cafes.

How it works:

We’ll send you 1 free Craft Notes Passports for you to start exploring! We do have a few asks:

1. Post Pictures on Your Instagram

  • We want you to enjoy your Craft Notes Passport and we want you to share your
    experiences using them!
  • Be sure to tag us @craft_notes and #mncraftnotes

2. Make $$ by using a Discount Code on Instagram Post and Stories:

We want to give you something to take home for all your efforts, so we’ll give you $8 for each book sold using your discount code!

  • Once you sign up for the Craft Notes Ambassador Program, we’ll set you up with a
    discount code so we can track your sales (we’ll offer them free shipping).
  • We submit payments by the 7th of each month (not counting November & December, which will both be paid in January) if $80 or more is owed.
  • Be sure to tag us @craft_notes and #mncraftnotes in your posts and stories.

3. Participate in on-going social media promotions and/or craft notes events

  • We will send monthly emails about different campaigns and verbiage
  • Help promote Craft Notes’ events and join in when you can to help us capture some good times!