Hopefully this will answer your questions! If you need additional support, please call your local representative or Matt Dowgwillo (612-803-1022) or Jack Sussman (952-807-8596).

Note: our default response is, “Our goal is to see you succeed with our products and are flexible in seeing this work…”

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Standard retail terms?

Please see RETAIL TERMS > for orders/standard specs.

Please see SIGNAGE > for printable images/suggested displays.

What are your standard terms?

We do NET 60 based off your requested ship date (delivery may be sooner than requested). RETAIL TERMS >

I’d like to do a promotion, can you work with me?

We’d love to be featured on your newsletter or social media! We will try to share anything you send our way (Instagram / Facebook). If you’d like to do something special or have a proposal please let us know! We’re open to supporting anything you’d like to do.

What are your shipping terms?

We can usually hand-deliver for free if you are flexible on the delivery time. Otherwise shipping is standard $15 and will be added to your invoice. Shipping is free for any order over $750.

Common Passport-Product Questions?

Do Passports Expire?

Yes. We set expiration to be ~14 months from the shipping date, so customers will always have approx >12 months to get their drinks. We encourage retail customers to order accordingly so that you can keep them stocked appropriately.

How Many should I order?

This is 100% your call. Per physical location, we prefer to shoot for 1/day average, but obviously, 10/day during holidays is a better number.