Craft Notes is absolutely the best marketing you will ever do.

Proven results. Guaranteed Customers. Amazing partners. $0.00 in upfront costs.

craft notes program: becoming a partner

Matt is in charge of partner support. His cell is 612-803-1022.

Here are some common questions we get from partners. If you have any others, please don’t hesitate to connect online, reach out on socials, or call me direct.

Matthew Dowgwillo – Partnerships – (612) 803-1022

Every aspect of this program is geared toward fulfilling one or multiple marketing and sales goals that we have. Of course we’re always trying to improve and grow, so this resource will update accordingly to represent current promotions and questions partners have.

Craft Notes Program FAQ

Questions and answers specific by partners about Craft Notes as a marketing platform…

Why should we trust Craft Notes?

Matt Dowgwillo has been in Craft Beer since ~ the beginning, when he created and sold advertising to bars & restaurants for Thrifty Hipster (the world’s 1st happy hour search engine. He’s been a featured speaker for multiple years with the NBWA, and through it, sold his proprietary beer:distributor platform to be used in California.

Craft Notes founded the ‘craft beer passport concept’ and partners consistently rave, “it’s the best.”

How much does it cost to be in the program?

$0.00 / FREE
No, that’s not a typo. We pay the artists. We pay the photographers. We print and distribute the books and then sell them. We guarantee you pay nothing until they walk through your door.

OUR pitch to consumers?

We sell you the book, the venue buys you a drink…
We’ve found a coupon is a coupon, but when the bartender buys you a drink… that is where true loyalty starts.

How do you promote Craft Notes?

Targeted Events & Advertising.
We work hard to be at the best events that your best patrons and regulars are most prone to be at. We also have a vast network of social media influencers and media partnerships to further your message. We don’t discount. We know that quality customers is what you want. Our goal is to connect with them and help them find you.

How Easy is it for me to execute?

The easiest thing ever.
Whether you’re featured on the app or both the passport and the app, we’ve spent huge amounts of effort to make this the easiest thing in the world for your staff, and for you to track.

Can you help me to get more followers/collect emails?

Our mission is to support you. We think that if someone enjoys their experience with you, it’s the best time to invite them to follow you and connect on a deeper level. We’ll handle introductions, you take it from there.

Are the app and Passport different?

YES. (and there is more info below) Think of it like this:

#1. The APP = a curated list of amazing local makers (limited to 100).

#2. The Passport = a curated theme featuring places within the mobile app.

craft notes best drink passport mobile app

Mobile App

The mobile app is designed to be a list of the top 100 local makers. It is hyper-targeted to consumers that are highly engaged in local craft culture, food, and drink.

It costs NOTHING to market to thousands of great consumers. It guarantees customers in your doors and in your seats. When they do, you are garunteed sales; you offer new customers a 2-for-1 drink.

This can be regularly updated to highlight new places or modify offerings.

(our mobile app is new, so we’ll be adding an FAQ as we have questions!)

craft notes best passport program and guide

Drink Passport FAQ

Each book is unique and designed to tell a story, often designed to highlight and further feature partners on the mobile app.

Specific details will be displayed on your signup form/edition regarding expiration, offer, total number, etc. Here are some general questions answered

How many passports do you print?

We typically print 3-4,000 passports.
We DO NOT reprint these. Once printed, they are printed. Once sold out, they are sold out. When you are invited to tell your story in a Craft Notes passport, we will notify you of the number we intend to print.

3-4,000? Does that mean we supply that many drinks?

Sadly, NO.
Survey says you should expect ~10 passports/week and about 75-90% brand new customers.
Dangerous Man tracked in their POS; for every beer we give away, ~$14 comes in direct (places with food is even better). That is why, we’re hoping, with themes, that we can increase to see higher redemptions and resulting sales….

…So Do I make Money if I’m providing a complimentary drink?

We have a tool to help you determine what this number will be. DIRECT sales have been incredible (~$14/beer at a brewery and upwards of $23 at restaurants). Indirect sales (which we can’t measure) only make it better. If you’d like an accurate guess of our program’s potential, fill out our initial application to get a solid estimate to what you can expect.

How do you sell them?

Targeted Events & Advertising.
Our website, Farmers Markets, Beer Festivals, upscale concerts, retail and non-profit partners… We work hard to be at the best events that your best patrons and regulars are most prone to be at; the exact ‘who and where’ varies based on book theme. We know that quality customers is what you want. Our goal is to connect with them and help them find you.

When do Craft Notes Passports Expire?

Standard is 13 months from the time a consumer purchases it, but each book is different.
Expiration dates are listed in the front-inside cover. We are trying to tell a story, and we want to make sure the right people (the ones interested in that story where you are featured) can engage in that story, so we do not typically have a “coverall end date” unless specifically noted in the sign up form/edition where you are featured.

Can I limit the drink that’s included?

YES. but we typically encourage NOT doing that.
People are here to explore and like not being limited. That said, if you have something that is particularly high cost or labor intensive to provide, we have several proven methods to address that.

WHy isn’t my logo in there?

We don’t use logos.
Market research strongly indicates that when logos are included, people view this as an “advertisement.” Our goal is to engage people in content and stories, NOT make them feel marketed to.

Can I proof before print?

We will email a proof out before print, though time to edit may vary. Please make sure your information is correct on the program application. Regarding art and photography, this is done in collaboration with several local artists and we provide virtually 100% artistic freedom.

Can I take myself out of the book After it’s printed?

We spend a considerable amount of time, money, and resources creating the passports. Once these are printed, you will have to accept the offers agreed to. However, if we ever do a reprint of your edition, you CAN opt out of any future runs.

I am signed up. are there instructions for staff?

Download and print Passport redeem instructions for your team (we recommend putting it up by the register or time sheets)

Can I make money on helping sell these in my venue?

You can make a lot of money! Please contact your representative and they will put you in contact with our wholesale director and get you started. We offer custom made displays and much more.