Welcome to Craft Notes.

We need some information about you to ensure accuracy and ensure we are promoting you correctly.

We’ve broken this down into 2 steps of data and image collection, with an additional (optional) 3rd if you’ll be featured in our upcoming passport as well.

You may fill these (google docs) in any order or edit responses and at any time.

STEP 1: Your Venue Data

Necessary to start building your listing!

We’re trying to ensure we’re accurate about your data and core initiatives. Each listing will be written by our editors and “punched up” to help your listing sound more unique and help consumers find/engage with you. It all starts with us understanding your goals and having that basic data.

STEP 2: Upload Logos and Photos

Please feel free to come back to this when you are ready.

We want to ensure you look good! Feel free to add a range of options, best images are higher resolution and Vector-based logos. Optional professional photography services also available if needed. All images we use will be touched up by our local artist.

(optional) Step 3: Passport info

This OPTIONAL form is designed to capture additional information about your venue as it relates to the subject/theme of our current passport.

This passport is only available to Brewery-Members of the Minnesota Craft Brewers’ Guild. Learn More >

In an effort to help Minnesota’s Craft Breweries post-Corona Virus, we’re working collectively between Craft Notes and the Guild to release a special edition passport this summer. The ultimate goal is to provide additional revenue and marketing for member-breweries while helping the Guild accomplish some of it’s legislative initiatives. LEARN MORE >

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