I’ve said it multiple times: “Craft Notes is the best marketing you will ever do.”

You make awesome products. We’ll convert targeted customers into both direct, immediate sales and support you over time to turn them into long term fans.

✔️ Help us Sample more people? YES.

✔️ Help us define our brand? YES.

✔️ Support on/off premise? YES.

✔️ Get new people in our doors? YES.

!!! MOST IMPORANT ✔️ Make me guaranteed Money? YES.
See the actual projections and modify it to reflect your business for a real, proven, estimate:

“Craft Notes has been excellent at driving direct sales. Our drinks average $9, and we usually make around $50 for each group we see… and occasionally more if they purchase our bottles to take home.”


Kyle K.

Copperwing Distilling

EVERY SINLGE VISIT results in revenue for your venue.

On average, we see phenomenal returns. Here are real averages reported by existing partners for single visits by Craft Notes Customers:

  • Breweries: ~ $14/drink reward per visit
  • Distilleries: ~ $50/group per visit
  • Restaurants: ~ $26/per person when drink reward is used
  • Cafes: ~$4/drink reward per visit

And these are visits that occur: 1) During times you are already open and staffed. 2) Do NOT include on/off-premise sales or visits not using their drink rewards.

And now, for the #1 Question we get:

“How much will MY business make with Craft Notes?”

We’ve designed a handy worksheet to help you better understand how our program helps you grow over the long term. Our focus is only on what we can track; immediate sales, but the real growth comes over time. Making a customer, getting them back, and turning them into fans, having them introduce their friends

We have 2 estimator tools in Google Sheets to help you see how Craft Notes improves your bottom line.

Average Customer (Easiest to use/Most Accurate estimate, IMO).

Our “Average Customer Sales” estimate is calculated off real results we’ve seen, and then estimated out over our target number of distributed passports (4,000 goal).

IF all 4,000 customers actually used their passports to not just learn about you, but come in WITH them, then we track them.

If 100% came, you would see ~ $300,000 in DIRECT SALES (not counting future visits, buying on/off premise if applicable, etc)*

“Alternate Scenarios” – For anyone that is still feeling skeptical (or if you’re a ‘🔢 numbers’ person)

This is for the true pessimist. I get it. You are running a restaurant, a cool taproom, a tiny tasting room. Your focus is on making high-quality products and margins are tight. You SHOULD be pessimistic.

In fact, I encourage you to be, and not just with considering our program, but with any program.

Fill in averages on Tab 1, then scroll to Tab 2. Feel free to add ANY amount of pessimism. You can see that you never lose. Craft Notes is customized to try to turn new customers into regulars, but the important point here is: BE PESSIMISTIC. I want you to see there is NO WAY to lose money.

Customize for yourself

This tool will allow you to access tools, run numbers, and get an estimate of the direct sales impact Craft Notes will have on your business.

(We can also help you with filling this out. Please schedule a time to talk with our Partners Director, Matt Dowgwillo – Schedule a meeting)


  1. Fill in colored Cells
  2. First Tab: Add average numbers for YOUR Business
  3. 2nd Tab (optional): Be pessimistic! It’s my challenge to you:) (just make sure total numbers =100%)

Over everything, we believe in honesty and integrity. Truly, our mission is to support you. I’ve worked with local businesses alot and I understand the 1st, most important thing is: Get a customer, Make a sale.

Education, fun times, good products… these things grow the craft market and the number of people excited about what you do.

Our program is designed to get people educated and excited, while driving direct revenue for your venue. It’s a “cost per customer” model… and its a HUGE WIN for you. I believe everything should be mutually beneficial; this worksheet will help you see that we’re holding up our end of the bargain.

Matt Dowgwillo / founder – 612-803-1022