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“More conversations about wanting change to happen, which was not happening when I joined this industry seven years ago, or even three to four years ago.”

Mahad Muhammed – Dual Purpose Director and Cellarman – Dual Citizen Brewing

Many people, us included, have been on the hunt for a craft beer experience that is like no other, and that is exactly what Dual Citizen Brewing brings to the table with their non-traditional ingredients and their out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to new flavors for their customers to experience. All of this is in addition to their constant push for inclusivity and diversity within not only the beer industry, but their local community as well. Dual Citizen will without a doubt be a brewery that the local Saint Paul community will want to keep coming back to support.

Mahad Muhammed – The Mini-Interview

We had the fortunate opportunity to speak with Mahad and got to learn more about Dual Purpose, which is Dual Citizen’s community outreach program, while also getting to know more about the brewery, their non-traditional beers, and their push for more and more diversity within this industry.

“How are you using your position to impact the community?”

“First and foremost finding the wants and the needs, of the folks we are trying to help, are…

Whether it be any partnerships or outside people that you know, that can help them meet those needs and wants.

For example, we collaborated with Habitat for Humanity to help build a house for a family in need, and also connected with other breweries where proceeds go to building the house.

It excites us to move beyond just making beer, and using our resources to bring as many hands into the pot to provide the necessary resources for these people.”

“From the perspective of a black man, how has the industry changed and what needs to change further?”

“One thing is that there seems to be a lot more conversations happening about wanting change and wanting the right things to happen…

A lot of it is happening because folks who have been hurt are coming out and finding the their voice, and actually being listened to.

The conversations are important, but the questions is still how do we go from conversations to action. How do we go from that to having something seismic happen within, not only your own brewery, but an industry as a whole.

BIPOC folks are making it a point to seek out other BIPOC folks to make their own spaces and families within the industry, when other folks are not being willing to open those spaces. So people have been adamant in making it a point to create those internal spaces where changes can be made… and it is something that was not happening 7 years ago and its really beautiful to see.”

“What kind of beer would you like to make?”

“First and foremost, the brewery needs to be around and it’s the same, old, trendy beers that sell in order to do that.

Outside of that, I would love to see really creative beers that relate to things outside of what is trending.

Looking beyond the westernized recipes, that a lot of breweries deal with, and doing some funky stuff. We collaborated with Broken Clock Brewery and Brewing Change Collaborative to go beyond the standardized recipes that places are making, to utilize some really creative ingredients like; Sorghum, Tamarind, and a couple of newer hops from South Africa as well. Also utilizing different barrels like mezcal, gin, rum, cognac, and other rare barrels that people do not always use in the industry.”

A Map to Mahad’s Recommendations

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Dual Citizen Brewing – Saint Paul, MN

725 Raymond Ave, St Paul, MN 55114 , (651) 330-4750

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This is what happens when a European tavern meets Minnesota nice. It’s a friendly, approachable spot with a focus on celebrating community roots and developing local pride. So come in, enjoy a pint, further your connection to the community, and gather with friends old, new, and not-yet-met.

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