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About 1.5 hours south of the Twin Cities along the Mississippi is the home of Minnesota’s only brewery b’n’b, the Turning Waters Brewery, AKA Hoppy Girl Brewing. This charming, bed and breakfast is a lifelong passion project by husband-wife duo Brenda & Ford.

Brenda is a Wabasha, Minnesota native and runs the operation, working 18 hours a day managing check-ins and beer-slanging. She’s passionate about people, her home town, and being involved in all the local charity events.

Ford maintains his 9 to 5 as a local attorney and moonlights as head brewer. He’s well known for making quality brews, many designed to highlight local ingredients and is a sought-after brewer with many Minnesota breweries including Modist, Back Channel, as a collaborator on new recipes.

Brenda, what inspired you to quit your job and start Turning Waters bed and breakfast brewery?

“I love working for myself and owning my own business, and when we moved back from Florida to my hometown to open our bed and breakfast, the goal was to be an important part of the local culture and meet new people.

Now, we host tons of regulars that come back to see us, and it’s great to get lots of other brewery owners in. We really enjoy meeting and spending time with all our guests and showing them a little bit of what we love.

I meet a lot of people that ask me about the life of owning the bed and breakfast. I’m always a huge supporter of anyone wanting to follow their dreams. I love hearing their ideas and supporting them if I can.”

“A stranger is just someone we have not yet met...”

Brenda Pearson – Talking Waters Brewing

OK, speaking of what you love in the area… Help us have a good time in Wabasha; what do you recommend?

“People come for the awesome hiking and biking of the region. People love Frontenac State Park for both (on the way from the Twin Cities), but my favorite is John A Latsch State Park, with a 600-step rise to the top of the bluff and views of the entire region… If you’re really looking for a cool trip, get here via the ‘Great River Road Wine Trail‘.

Also, you can’t leave the area without a visit to Lark Toys (for the kids) or the downtown Wabasha Eagle Center, which are both super popular local tour destinations.”

You mentioned that you’re involved in the local business community and support a lot of charity work. Any favorites?

“Whenever we’re booked full I send people across the street to the historic Anderson Hotel (across the street); a great family run space.

We always support all the local charities, but I’m very involved now with the Reel Project, which makes videos of kids that need adoption and are looking to be part of a great family. They are celebrating their 4th Anv. this year too!”

Hoppy Girl Brewing & Turning Waters Bed and Breakfast

Hoppy Girl Brewing is featured in our MN Craft Brewers Guild Passport (A-K) and on our Mobile App. Additional photos and video tour on instagram.

136 Bridge Ave, Wabasha, MN 55981 / 651-564-1568

Beer Recommendation: Chubby Chipmunk (or Salted Caramel Russian stout when in season) – View tap list

Brewpub featuring both original beers and guest beers from their favorite Minnesota Breweries on Tap. You can also purchase wine and cocktails or stay overnight in their Bed and Breakfast.