Your Passport to Complimentary Drinks and Thoughtfully Curated Experiences.

Craft Notes Drink Passports were designed to be a guide for people wanting to experience something new, support local businesses, and tour the best of local culture.

Our passports introduce you to the best local makers. We focus on the things people love and the people making it for them! Coffee, craft beer, cocktails… The authentic local businesses that are leading their industries and creating consistent and creative things that enrich our lives.

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Let us Curate your next Date Night.

Craft Notes Passports are best enjoyed together. Need a great date idea? We’re full of them.

Our passports have you covered for your next date. Each book offers up to tons of unique experiences you and your date will enjoy together. Each and every brewery, distillery, cafe, and restaurant was chosen because it is exceptional, and each passport was designed around a theme; you’ll never run out of ideas:)

(Matt’s favorite for Date Nights is our Minnesota Volume 2 Passport – It’s neighborhoods ‘off-the-beaten-path’ around Minnesota with a focus in Twin Cities. “Me and my wife like to choose a new restaurant, then grab a drink for dessert… we try something new and defer some of our baby-sitting costs…”)

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A Better Bar-Hopping Experience.

Got some friends in town? Grab some beer passports and show them a good time with a mini-bar-crawl!

They’ll enjoy exploring the best of the city while guzzling complimentary drinks. And while we recommend you use our passports to investigate one place at a time, they can be used to maximize a beautiful day. Also, you’ll have a little keep-sake from the event; our passports are printed high-quality and designed to be both a journal and guidebook.

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Gather some friends, Grab your passport, and make the most out of a night out.

Your crew needs somewhere new to go. YOU have the best ideas in your pocket.

We believe a little knowledge adds alot of flavor, and our passports help you maximize your night out with your friends. You’ll learn a bit about the founders, get an idea of something to do, drink recommendations… And when your tab comes, they’ll even take a drink off (because everyone loves it when the bartender buys you a drink:).

So gather your friends and go make some memories. We’re here to help guide you.

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The Perfect Gift for the drink lover in your life.

Our Passports are the best gift you’ll ever give.

Need the perfect gift for that drink lover in your life? Our Craft Drinks Passports offer over a year of great experiences at the best local businesses (kindly gifted by you, of course).

Great for Groomsmen/Bridesmaid gifts, work friends, family, or anyone that wants to learn more about local culture and could really use a good drink Learn More

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Choose above from a list of our most current craft beer and coffee passports.

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Learn about the stories and people making the things we love.

Our Mission is to highlight local people that are inspiring local culture. Their ideas and passions are what influence trends. It’s fun to be able to see what they’re making.

One of the things I love the most about local craft culture is that many of the people behind it are really just living their passion. Normal people that started with a hobby, then perfecting what they do and sometimes when it’s really exceptional, it kicks off a national trend…

– Matt Dowgwillo, Founder

Wanna learn more? Check out our monthly interview series, where we ask 3 short questions and host a podcast with one of the local makers.

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Learn a little bit about local beer, coffee, and local business.

Impress your friends with your knowledge! Everyone appreciates a little bit of a story.

Each Passport is written by a local editor. Each page tells a brief story and highlights what makes each maker unique and special.
– You know you want to impress your friends 😜