Let Local Makers buy you a drink

Just show your passport to a bartender when your tab comes. They’ll stamp it and take one off your tab. – Everyone loves a free drink:)

You’ll enjoy visiting a wide range of curated local breweries, distilleries, restaurants, and cafes. And while you only have to visit 2 – 3 places to pay for the book, we only pick the best and good times are guaranteed at each and every one.

No Limitations

There is virtually no limit to what you can order. The “Craftsman Recommendations” are only what they recommend (their favorites), but you can choose from pretty much anything.

Possible Exceptions include extremely limited or rare items or drinks that are super labor/cost intensive.

No Blackout Times

Saturday night barhopping? Tuesday after work? Your passport is good for a complimentary drink any time during standard operating hours.

The only possible exception is during major events or where non-regular staff are tending bar. Craft Notes invests in educating normal bar staff.