Double up on a good time at all your favorite local breweries, distilleries, restaurants, and cafes!
For less than the cost of 2 drinks, you can enjoy complimentary craft beers, cocktails, and coffee every single day while supporting your favorite local craftsmen.

passport app offers drink specials and other happy hour deals
An excuse to invite your bestie?? We think so:)

2-for-1 drinks from all of your favorite places

Craft Notes Members enjoy 2-for-1 drinks whenever they go out exploring! Discover something new and join a community of fellow craft drink lovers.

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How to claim your drink specials

1) Login ->
2) Choose a place ->
3) Show bartender when your tab comes/ready to redeem, they’ll take a drink off your tab.

Have image of a venue showing 241 drinks on it and the redemption screen.